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Office 365 Mailbox Backups

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By: magstephen08

April 23, 2018

Is it Necessary to have an Office 365 Backup?

One of the members of the audience asked me a question, i.e., how to backup Office 365 mailbox in a straightforward way without any trouble. People switching from an on-premise environment to Office 365 give rise to such type of question in their mind. It is because they want the same type of capabilities when the data is stored in a cloud.

A few days ago, I hosted an event at Dell on data protection. There one of the standard queries is backing up Office 365 data is necessary or not? If yes, then how to backup Office 365 mailbox? As the number of cyber crimes is increasing day by day so, our precious data is always at high risk. Therefore, to avoid such kind of hazardous situation, one needs to archive Office 365 mailbox.

How Backup Become More Challenging Over the Time?

As the time passes the backups of Office 365 has become a more challenging task to perform. Nowadays, users stores their almost all data on a cloud compared to the store on on-premise. And, it is possible because Microsoft offered 100 GB storage in mailboxes in its new standard without erasing data from Deleted Items folder. They permit users to keep as much data as they can so that it becomes difficult for an organization to switch from Office 365. Therefore, it becomes somehow more challenging process to export Office 365 to PST very easily.

To Overcome Virus Attacks Like Ransomware

As the technology is growing every day, so is the types of virus attacks. Ransomware is one such popularly known virus attack among the users as it badly affected many business organization across the world. After this type of dangerous attack, it becomes more clear that it is necessary to have a backup of essential data. Backup of Office 365 mailbox on the local machine can help users in various disastrous situations. Therefore, how to backup Office 365 mailbox has also become the most frequently asked query after ransomware attack.

Fraud Within the Organization

Another major concern of users that inspire them to archive Office 365 mailbox is that some employee of an organization will delete the information. It can also be possible that a user has accidentally or purposely deleted something important. Moreover, it might also be possible that some hacker gains access to the organization files and delete it.

All these are valid and dangerous fears of users. To avoid such kind of frauds simply put mailboxes on hold via either legal hold or e-discovery hold. However, if such frauds happen, then one can restore it from backup. So, questioning how to backup Office 365 mailbox is justifiable here.

Best Ways to Backup Office 365 Locally?

As our main concern here is how to backup Office 365 mailbox data so, let talk about that only. Microsoft offers some services that let users archive Office 365 to PST but not in a seamless manner. In this user can export Office 365 mailbox to Outlook by synchronizing MS Outlook with Office 365 or on the other hand, Microsoft providing E-discovery tool for Admin to archive Office 365 items to PST. But the complicated structure and working of this inbuilt tool make the task difficult.

However, most of the ISV has launched the software that can backup Exchange Online data at their best. But, selecting the one that matches your requirement is the main point. Therefore, users are searching for the best solution of archive Office 365 mailbox without any risk of data loss.

Different ISVs Working on Backup Solutions

Till now I think it has been clear that backup is also necessary for the cloud. After this, the very first question that strikes in your mind is how to backup Office 365 mailbox? However, if you want to backup Office 365 mailbox, there are various organizations such as Veeam, SkyKick, Managecast, Cloudally, and SysTools work best in offering solution for the same. Everyone has their point of view and requirements to justify the backups. So, you can go for the one that matches your requirement’s at its best.

In the above list all organizations backup Office 365 on the cloud. Except for SysTools that is helping the company that allows users to manage Office 365 mailbox in a systematic manner. It can export Office 365 to PST / EML / MSG / EMLX file format and save it locally on System/ local network/ external media. In addition to this, one can restore back mailbox items to Office 365. However, other ISVs are also in line and working hard to offer comprehensive service ultimately.


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