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From Noob to Exploit Developer | My Journey

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By: y.kashyap007

January 24, 2019

I'm sharing my cybersecurity journey till now with you guys. To tell you a bit about myself, I'm a B.Tech undergraduate in Computer Science and of course a Cyber Security enthusiast. 'Hacking' is the single most important thing that attracts me, besides football. I was the best programmer back in my school. I knew then that all I wanted was to buy a laptop and become a computer hacker. I passed my 12th standard with full marks in computers, then went to an engineering college. Got the computer science stream and a laptop, so I was all set on my road to be a hacker, except for one thing, I didn't know where to start learning all that cool stuff related to hacking. No wonder! College professors didn't know about it at all, so there was no one to mentor me or teach me. I started searching stupid stuff on the internet like how to become and a hacker, or book on ethical hacking even started reading them. They were good to some extent as I was learning something, but I couldn't get much from them. I wanted to be more than just a script kiddie. So I went to Youtube and watched stupid bait videos on how to hack Wifi and all. Again I learned something, but it was just not enough. I started losing interest because I was not getting something concrete, details that I wanted, the explanation of actual code behind the tools used, and above all of it when I started searching for the Certified Ethical Hacking courses on the internet, they were all paid. I just couldn't pay something at that moment, neither I could ask my parents to pay for it, they were already paying big bucks at my college and I was thinking what if I get nothing from these courses also and the money gets wasted.Luckily, on one fortunate day, I accidentally came across Cybrary. Yep, I said accidentally. I just happened upon them, opened the site and it was dope! Claiming to give cybersecurity training for FREE. I immediately joined. Even if their content wasn't good, the FREE drawed me in. I went to the courses section, and was blown away just by the number and name of the courses, like Advanced penetration testing, Ethical Hacking, Metasploit, and the list goes on. I joined the course, Advanced Penetration Testing, by Georgia Weidman, even now I remember her name. Because of her and her course, things finally started to get organized and structured, this was all I needed at that point in time, a mentor who could at least guide me. So I watched her whole course, even stopped going to my college because I wanted to know all of it as soon as possible and I was loving it. After the course, I finally knew some of the basics; how everything is supposed to work, so that was a huge kick start for me. I didn't stop. I went to the Cyber Security meetups around me, met the actual pen-testers & SOC analysts, even they told me that they used to take courses on Cybrary back in the days when they were like me. I made some good contacts at these events. I could now just dive directly into the code of exploits and modules, I was finally understanding the core of it. Now I'm here, still a learner, but with much better clarity of things in my mind. And I know for sure, I couldn't do it without CYBRARY. I will recommend them to anyone who wants to build his/her career in Information Security. With this, you get the best and free online security training for anyone and even a certificate after the completion of each course. I mean what else could you possibly want? Whenever I come here, I read the articles, watch the videos, I get to learn new things every time. I just LOVE CYBRARY and appreciate every effort these guys are doing to help millions of other IT enthusiasts like me. You are the best guys, keep rolling like this.P.S: I know this is not a technical post, but I just wanted to share my experience. I'm looking forward to posting technical stuff starting with Metasploit next week, so stay tuned!
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