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Non-Certified Unethical Hacker - Challenge 1

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By: Priyank Gada

January 13, 2017

What is a Non-Certified Unethical Hacker?I was chatting with my friend who has done CEH, ECSA, CHFI, and others. He told me that certifications are important. I have not done any certifications but I have learned so much from websites like Cybrary, YouTube, etc. So, he challenged me to complete some challenges (This challenge comes in some high-profile certifications that I am not going to name.) So, I accepted his challenge. He enrolled for a certification and gave his account to me and told me to complete the challenges.  I will take you through the challenges and explain to you what is going on. I hope I will be able to complete 1 challenge per day and prove him wrong, and prove that knowledge is more important than "paper certifications".About Challenge 1:In this challenge, a hacker has managed to hack into a network. The Hacker has to scan the network and identify all the machines on the network. In this video, I will be showing and talking you through the challenge and explain how to use solar winds.
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