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A New IT Tool - Juliar Security Toolkit - Encryption (Part 1)

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By: Rattar

January 4, 2017

encryptionHey Guys,I have gotten responses that you guys wanted a tool that is as advanced as Juliar but had the GUI and ease of use of RatTeam Toolkit. So for every security expert, I've decided to combine both tools into one.Introducing Juliar Security Toolkit:1-securityIt's a simple tool that features everything from RatTeam Toolkit as well as other Juliar stuff.Today, we will discover how easy it is to do encryption. Get the latest version of the tool at: on "Encryption Tab":2-step1Then let's start with something basic, like encrypting the word Rattar. So, put "Rattar" into the input section. (Seen below)Let's generate all the hashes (MD5, SHA1, and rest of SHAs). Click on "Generate Hashes":3-step2Let's Encrypt with an AES algorithm, and for the key let's use key. You can use whatever you want.4-step3We can also easily decrypt the message by using the correct key and a phrase.5-step4Simple right? Please play around with other encryptions! Enjoy.In the future, the tool will come with an auto-updater, so you don't have to worry about downloading the latest version. It will also feature packages that can be downloaded or deleted in order to customize the tool for your fit. Please support this project by supporting it at
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