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FCC Rules May Prevent Installing Alternative Software

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By: xyberdanpl

February 22, 2016

FCC Rules May Prevent Installing Alternative Software - CybraryWhere's the honesty? New FCC rules may prevent installing alternative software e.g. OpenWrt/Gargoyle, Tomato on some routers. In Europe, it does not apply. However, companies such as tp-link goes to the sitter and all the utensils for the global market will have this limitation.Many stock firmwares e.g. tp-link and others are insecure and do not allow the use all networking hardware capabilities and we need to change software! How to live?!Soon, the basic equipment of every OpenWrt user will not only USB-to-UART, but soldering and programming bones NAND / NOR for flashing hacked bootloader and alternative firmware  :-O Save WiFi! Every networking specialist should know alternative software such as OpenWrt, Gargoyle, Tomato: You can check if your router is compatible with this software:OpenWrt: This software is based on OpenWrt, so Gargoyle will run on the same hardware.Tomato: Download sections:OpenWrt: Thanks for reading!
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