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What You Need to Know about Cybersecurity

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By: diceus

March 8, 2019

Cybersecurity is a valuable issue nowadays not only for the IT department but for the whole company as well. Because of the significant business risk and security threats customers start worrying about it as well. Media informs that global security incidents have become so widespread as the weather forecast.

Cybersecurity is essential because a military, government, corporate, medical and financial organizations gather, process, and save a huge amount of vulnerable data. Unauthorized access to that financial data and intellectual property may bring negative consequences.

Usually, companies share sensitive data throughout the network, and cybersecurity is aimed to protect the information. As the power and advance of cyber attacks increase, businesses, especially those that deal with information connected to national security and financial records, have to create a strategy to safeguard the data.

Challenges of Cybersecurity

To properly provide cybersecurity, a company needs to work on the whole information system. Parts of cybersecurity include the following security issues:

  • Network
  • Application
  • Endpoint
  • Data
  • Identity management
  • Infrastructure and database security
  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Business continuity/disaster recovery planning
  • End-user training and education.

The most challenging task in cybersecurity is the fast-growing nature of security risks. Usually, the government and the companies pay attention to their cybersecurity strategy to safeguard only their most critical system components and fight against common threats. Now, this treatment is insufficient, as the threats evolve and change faster than companies can cope with them. As a result, leaders promote more adaptive and proactive approaches to it. Moreover, the National Institute of Standards and Technology published guidelines that advise a shift toward real-time evaluations and permanent tracking, a data-focused strategy to security.

Managing Cybersecurity

The National Cyber Security Alliance suggests a top-down treatment to cybersecurity in order to be prepared to deal with the unavoidable cyber incidents. It is important to ensure that the assets of the organization are secured. NCSA’s guidelines pay attention to the three main areas: recognizing the most valuable information; searching the risks and threats, and summarizing the damage the company would get after the incident. Cyber risk evaluations must also take into account any regulations that influence the way your organization saves, collects, and protects data, such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA, SOX, etc.

Mixing great cybersecurity measures with security-minded and educated staff help to protect the data from the cybercriminals that want to get access to the valuable data. The step-by-step strategy will help to safeguard the organization as well with clear vision of what parts of the management require your attention.

The Worst Latest Cybersecurity Breaches

Sometimes, it’s better to learn from other’s experience. So, let’s discover what cyber threats may be and how to respond and fight with them.

#1 Russian Grid Hacking

In 2017, Russian hackers permeated and explored the United States power companies; there was even proved that the actors reached American utility’s control databases.

Experts say that the house’s public acknowledgment is the main step to find out the most suitable solution in such cases. And whereas the state-sponsored hacking industry keeps growing, you may use WIRED’s guide to be well-prepared.

#2 US Universities

The Department of Justice blamed 9 Iranian hackers due to attacks over more than 300 US universities and abroad. The experts inform that the hackers hooked 31 terabytes of data, evaluated to be worth $3 billion. The attacks applied emails to engage professors and other university staff to click on malicious links and opening their network login credentials. 8000 of the targeted account were hacked with more than 3000 of those at US institutions.

So, deep staff training with IT support will help to exclude such cases and improve an organization’s cybersecurity.

#3 Under Armour

Hackers violated Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal app, endangered email addresses, usernames, and passwords from the app’s 150M users. The good thing is that the company have reacted quickly and protected the accounts, especially users’ credit card data, geolocation, etc. They even safeguarded the passwords by changing them into unintelligible strings of characters or hashing.

As we see, the business world has changed and what worked in the past doesn’t work now. Companies need a new business strategy with deep insight into what may happen, how to eliminate that and risk management.

Nowadays, cybersecurity has many challenges but combining need cybersecurity policy with security-minded and trained employees help to protect the data from the cybercriminals that want to gain access to the vulnerable information.

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