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Necessity of HIPAA Compliance Services

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By: ankitashukla

May 1, 2017


Our act of HIPAA was passed into law in 1996, whose purpose was to create a national standard for giving due protection to the privacy of personal health information. The law has been intended to provide shelter to health information by simply establishing transaction standards. Those standards have been set for the exchange of health information, privacy standards, and security standards.

HIPAA – Deals with Security and Privacy of Health Information

At HIPAA, we deal with security along with the privacy of health information. It is also applicable to health care providers along with health plans of an employer group. Our team members who are responsible for the handling of patient documentation are well aware regarding compliance of HIPAA.

Some principles that are followed by us include combating waste, abuse, and fraud in terms of health insurance and delivery of health care. We give due to stress, to enhance portability along with long-term continuity of health insurance coverage in both groups as well as individual markets. Principles associated also help in reduction of cost plus administrative burdens of health care.

Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness of Health Care System

We strive hard to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of our health care system by simply standardizing the interchange of electronic data that has been meant especially for administrative and financial transactions. We also ensure to give due protection to the privacy of personal health records by giving protection to security and confidentiality of health care information.

We have introduced several ways through which one may easily qualify as a covered entity. In case an organization qualifies in terms of providing a health plan, then also we consider it as a covered entity. Health plan deals with providing of medical care that includes terms and services paid for medical care.

Specific Regulations of Interest Provided

Companies offering medical care to employees through self-insured plan will also be covered under the HIPAA. We also consider other organizations on the basis of their responsibilities in terms of processing health care data. Once you get involved with us, you will be provided with two types of specific regulations of interest.

Those specific regulations include privacy rule as well as security rule. The privacy rule is responsible for giving due protection to protected health information that is maintained under covered entity. Rather than being specific to electronic information, it totally applies to written records and telephonic conversations.

Hospitals - Must Comply with HIPAA Regulations

On the other hand, the security rule deals with electronic PHI that is received created, used and maintained by any covered entity. In short, we at HIPAA refer to the rules and regulations that hospitals must comply with.

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