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GroupWise 8 Migration to Office 365

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By: alainajodi

April 25, 2018

How to Migrate GroupWise 8 to Office 365 Email:On the basis of user’s requirement GroupWise is continuously updating in-house and timely comes with new versions, GroupWise2008 is one of the updated editions of this software.  Even though GroupWise 2014 is the latest version but many users are still   using GroupWise8 and instead of update it, wants to switching the platform.If you are a GrouspWise8 user and willing to migrate this platform to Office365, then this blog will be advantageous for you. This blog expresses different method to migrate your GroupWise8 platform to Office365.GroupWise8 to Offce365 migrationOffice 365 provides unlimited storage capacity and various impressive features to its user which are completely absent in GroupWise tool. And even though GroupWise is reliable and trustworthy application but sometime these advantage converts into disadvantage of this software as this software has no portability feature, if you want to access a file created on one GroupWise system to another you cannot access it, even both system are in same organization and using same GroupWise 8 version.GroupWise8 to Office 365 migration through Inbuilt UtilityIf you are looking for a function or inbuilt utility in GroupWise8 or other versions of it then do not waste your time because GroupWise has no direct method or inbuilt utility to export it to office365 or other platforms. Import and Export wizard is not fully successful to migrate data from GroupWise8 mailbox to Office365.Manually GroupWise8 to Office365 MigrationEven though GroupWise does not have any direct inbuilt for such migration but you can do it by do some technical efforts. Manually GroupWise to Office365 needs sound technical knowledge and before initiate this process must keep aside a backup of your GroupWise data because this process contains a risk of data loss.
  • Create Source environment from making changes in GroupWise
  • Enable SOAP from GroupWise Agent Setting
  • Create user list for migration. Username and email addresses are mandatory to migrate data from GroupWise
  • Create trusted application key for migration.
  • Create Destination environment
  • Create an administrator account in office 365 and setup it
  • Prepare tenant to send and receive large emails items.
Now you can migrate data from GroupWise to office365The manual process is time-consuming and a grueling process which contains lots of efforts and acts to performGroupWise to Office365 migration by GroupWise to Exchange ServerFrankly speaking GroupWise to Exchange server is third-party Migration tool which is efficient to migrate data to Exchange Server and Office 365. By following these simple steps you can easily migrate your complete or selective data item from GroupWise to Office365
  • Take an Exit from Novell GroupWise and Exchange server and make sure that none of the file of both platform is opened in background or accessing in a process
  • Launch GroupWise to Exchange Server software.
  • This software provides 4 ways (default, online, remote and cache path) to access your GroupWise mailbox. Click on a path and Add the Novell GroupWise mailbox with required entries. Like GroupWise user name, password etc.
  • Novell GroupWise will accessed and displayed in 3 panel (Folder list, Item and item preview)format in GroupWise to Exchange Server portal
  • From folder list select the folder and sub folder to migrate in Exchange Server
  • Select the item type in message filter and data range
  • Select Office 365,  Exchange server or live exchange to export GroupWise mailbox and fill the required entries then click Next.
  • Press finish after completion the conversion process.
ConclusionThis article exposed the various methods for GroupWise to Office 365. In sum up of this blog we suggest to elect third party software for quick conversion in a simple way. Through some simple steps it provides quick and error-free solution for your GroupWise8 migration to Office365.
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