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MBOX to PST Converter to Retrieve MBOX Data in Outlook

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By: stevesmith27

January 29, 2018

Nowadays, it is a basic problem for users where they are seeking to convert MBOX to PST format to import MBOX files in Outlook. It helps you to retrieve MBOX data in any Outlook edition without any extra efforts. If you are also looking to export MBOX to PST format to access your MBOX data in Outlook, then here is your solution.

In today’s era, there are wide choice of email clients are available in front of users by which they are capable to manage their email data. Some of the popular email clients are Thunderbird, Eudora, Entourage, Opera Mail, Spice Bird, Mac Mail and many more which offers to save their entire mailbox data in MBOX format. But sometimes, there are lots of unexpected situations are occurred in front of users where users need to export their email data saved in MBOX file to another email client such as Microsoft Outlook.

Why Users Are Looking to Import MBOX to Outlook PST?

As we have discussed, unexpected situations are occurred instantly without any reason. There are lots of situations are occurred in front of users where they need to forcefully export MBOX data to Outlook PST format. Some of the reasons faced by users are discussed below: -

1. For large business organisations, Microsoft Outlook is always a first choice to manage their email data as it is connected Microsoft Exchange server.

2. Outlook offers a wide range of storage capacity as compare to any MBOX supporting email client.

3. Microsoft Outlook has wide range of special features to manage user’s email data such as emails, contacts, notes, calendar entries, to-do list, tasks, and much more which is not available by MBOX based email clients.

4. Outlook has strongest security feature which prevents the unauthorized access to check the send/receive mailbox data as compared to any MBOX based email client.

What is the Solution to Convert MBOX Files to PST Format?

In any case, if you have MBOX file and looking to convert MBOX to PST format, then you must need to choose any third party utility. The tool MBOX to PST Converter is the most efficient solution for users to export multiple MBOX files to PST format and access the entire MBOX data in any Outlook editions.

MBOX to PST Converter – Prefer Recommended Solution

In any case, MBOX to PST converter is the most recommended solution for users to convert MBOX files into PST format. The tool provides an efficient solution to users by which they can easily can convert MBOX to PST format. Just hit the download button and instantly convert MBOX to PST format in few moments. The tool has come up with multiple advance features by which any user can directly import MBOX file to Outlook. This allows user to access the entire MBOX data in Outlook without any trouble.

To perform the MBOX to PST Conversion, users need to follow the simple steps as described below: -

  • Download the MBOX to PST converter from the official site.
  • Browse and select the MBOX file from the system to choose the desired MBOX file/folder.
  • After selecting the MBOX file, select the targeted location to save resultant PST file.
  • Finally, click on Convert button to initiate the conversion process.

In a few moments, user will get the entire converted data of MBOX file as PST format. This resultant data can be easily accessed by any Outlook version without any extra efforts.

Adorable Features of MBOX to PST Converter

Some of the useful features of the utility MBOX to PST Converter is discussed below: -

  • Export the entire MBOX data into PST format without losing any data.
  • Users are capable to perform the batch conversion of MBOX files to PST format.
  • Fully supportable to MBOX files of all MBOX based email client.
  • Maintains all email formatting and other text formatting of MBOX emails in PST format too.
  • Allows to rename the resultant PST file according to user’s requirement.
  • Dual mode of conversion enables user to convert MBOX file or MBOX folder at a time to save MBOX file as PST format.

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