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Matrix Ransomware Is on the Rise

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By: David Balaban

March 24, 2017

Matrix ransomware holds computer data encrypted for ransom. The users concerned learn about the attack from a file dubbed Readme-matrix.rtf. The file is a ransom note dropped to any folder which files the ransomware has encrypted. To ensure the victims actually read the message, the ransomware also drops its instance on the Desktop and changes the background image. The note announces the encryption of the files on the device affected.Matrix ransomware introduction is also accompanied by changing all files extensions to .matrix.The rogue enters computer system leveraging a number of schemes. The one that prevails is but a spamming. The letter spammed may look like a routine business letter or very important notification. It is a pity that too many fall victims of such a plain scam. Moreover, even the users of highly secured corporate networks somehow manage to open the incoming email and activate the infecting attachment.The installation of Matrix ransomware needs to be followed by a reboot. The virus may induce the required system restart to trigger the malicious encryption as soon as possible. Matrix virus spares files of certain formats just to keep the affected system running. There is no fair play, just business; the affected system must survive so that the victims would learn from the Readme-matrix.rtf that they need to pay a certain number of Bitcoins to the wallet indicated.Good news is that some releases of this encryption virus have got their scrambling code cracked by the IT security enthusiasts and crew members. Hopefully, we may expect the same for the ransomware in question. So far, there is no such solution available to those in need. Transferring Bitcoins to the scammers can hardly be called a solution at all.To be protected, do not click on spam email attachments and make regular backups of your files.
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