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How to Master Cyber Security

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By: kunalgupta007

February 25, 2018

Cyber Security is now about few commands that you enter nor it is about some tools that you use (GUI based), to become a Ninja of Cyber Security you must know in-depth knowledge about working of a computer and network devices. This topic Cybersecurity is one emerging topic because data involved in it is very critical and can be used for financial gains. That's the reason people working in this domain constantly need to update themselves as hackers are very advanced these days. So, to overcome this we must know basics of security.Now you must be thinking what should we learn, well that we are going to cover in a bit.To master in Cyber Security, you should be considering basics of Cyber Security like:Networking protocols: HTTPS, SMTP, SSL, SSH, IMAP, SNMP, TELNET, FTP etc.Cryptography/Encryption Techniques (and how do they work, where they are used, shortcomings): RSA, AES, Diffie-Hellman, etc.Web Application attack: SQL Injection, XSS, Buffer Overflow, DoS, DDoS, CSRF etc.IDS and IPS: How to configure them and how do they work.Any Scripting language: I prefer JavaScript or PythonFIREWALL: How to configure firewall and its working structureMalware: What are types of malware, How do malware works and how to mitigate them (analysis).SysInternal Tools: These tools are very handy when you want to troubleshoot in an RDC without remembering all command every time. (e.g. Process Monitor, Process Explorer). They are available at Microsoft Website.Some Important tools: Wireshark (GUI Based on Windows) It is a packet analyzer tool. Nmap (Network Mapper). These tools are must for a person in cybersecurity.Linux: If you want to pursue your career in Security you must know how to use Linux. You should get familiar with the commands of Linux. Well, this field is very deep and keeps changing. So it is challenging to keep pace with it. however, we must know the basics for few of above concepts so that we can understand the process. Above topics can be learned from Cybrary, Google, Youtube and other free content sites and articles available freely and paid depending on how you want to learn. Wish you all the best with leaning !!
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