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How to Make a Multiboot USB with All the Tools You Need

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By: Breaking Be@ker

April 12, 2017

usbs_resize_1138x720Just like with any job there are tools, in the IT community there are millions of tools. Finding the tool that is most affordable and most efficient is important to make the life of any IT worker's life easy. But once you find the tools that make your life easier where do they go? Usually (at least for me) on a USB. I need my tools to be accessible from anywhere even if I'm offline.Recently I was asked by my boss to make a USB that had all the essential tools ready on one USB. So not only did I have to think about just the essential tools, but how to get them on a single USB. So I started with the ISO's I'd recommend everyone to use:
  • GParted (For easy partitioning)
  • Ophcrack (Password Cracking [Up to Windows 7])
  • Clonezilla (Drive Cloning)
  • Preferred Antivirus CD
Then I decided to include a lightweight distro with Wireshark, allowing for tools to be added as they are needed. Since this USB is being used for more basic IT purposes and not security I used DSL. But if this USB is for personal or security purposes I'd add a security based (Kali or Parrot).NOTE: I have nothing against BlackBox but they don't have a lightweight edition.Now in case you're curious on how to get all these ISOs onto one USB take a look at YUMI (Your Universal Multiboot Installer) makes life easier and organizes your tools and ISOs for you so you don't have a cluttered boot menu. A USB that follows a simple outline like this makes a happy and organized IT worker.I hope that this information will either help you think about making your own USB filled with your favorite operating systems and tools or maybe the USB outline I gave was enough to be useful for you. I'd appreciate a comment below since this is my first submission and would really like to improve since I'm not much of a writer.
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