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Making Cyber Security a Priority for Nonprofits with SIEM

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By: Olivia

June 10, 2017

Of course, cyber security is important for all organizations, but sometimes, best practices are easier to implement for some companies than others, especially nonprofits. Operating with typically a smaller budget and a smaller staff, the costs and manpower needed to implement a strong data protection program can put a strain on a nonprofit, leaving the company open to vulnerabilities.Still, nonprofits store a ton of sensitive data including donor information, credit card information and staff employment and health insurance records, which need protection. For many in management roles at these organizations, it’s hard to make guarding against an invisible threat a priority when you’re already focused on helping others.It’s important for nonprofits not to fall for any of the typical myths surrounding their data security, most specifically the myth that only ‘large’ nonprofits get hacked.  This is absolutely false. Hacker mentality shows that hackers will hack any system.According to CohnReznick’s most recent Not-for-Profit Governance Survey,
71% of not-for-profits surveyed have not conducted a cybersecurity vulnerability assessment to evaluate their technology exposure. In addition, 69% do not have a cybersecurity breach response plan in place.

What is SIEM as a Service and How Can It Help?

Security information and event management solutions delivered as a service “combines security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM). It provides real-time analysis of security alerts generated by network hardware and applications.”That means, relevant security data about an enterprise’s security is available in multiple locations and allows you to look at all the data from one point of view, making it easier to spot trends and see patterns that are out of the ordinary.In this model, the entire platform and infrastructure are outsourced to a service provider, meaning the customer (in this case the nonprofit) is only responsible for the content development within the SIEM application and the actual use of the data.Similarly, the costs of SIEM setup, such as licensing, installation and usually Professional Services consultancy are also moved towards the Service Provider, especially beneficial for an organization that wants predictable expenses or for those who do not have an extensive budget to justify the cost of setting up and SIEM environment.Perhaps most importantly, this model puts the development responsibility on the Service Provider, wherein they must maintain a team of developers, architects, and systems administrators to keep the platform operational and to make necessary changes.

I Want SIEM for My Organization, How Can I Get It?

SIEM as a service is just one of many services offered by the revolutionary company, ‘Invinsec’ who provide rapid capability to organizations who face cyber-threats with little or no security capacity of their own; and we augment the capabilities of organizations who do have a security team.Invinsec was formed by two members of the UK and Ireland senior leadership team from a Big 4 Cybersecurity practice. Inspired by the belief that businesses deserve world-class security at affordable prices, they set about building a company that has grown rapidly and delivered excellent service to their growing client list. Invinsec is focused on the private and not-for-profit sectors.Among their 3 service packages offered, from BroadBot to BroadBot premium, they include SIEM as a service as a feature. To learn more, visit their website.

Secure All Companies

At Cybrary, we’re dedicated to teaching cyber security to anyone, anywhere who wants the opportunity to learn. We believe in addition services like those offered by Invinsec, a critical defense against security breaches starts with training individuals on best practices.If you are a nonprofit looking to start or train a security team, we encourage you to check out the Cybrary Teams platform. There, you can request a demo or speak to someone from our sales team who will help craft the right solution for your organization.
Olivia Lynch (@Cybrary_Olivia) is the Marketing Manager at Cybrary. Like many of you, she is just getting her toes wet in the field of cyber security. A firm believer that the pen is mightier than the sword, Olivia considers corny puns and an honest voice essential to any worthwhile blog.
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