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Lookout Black Hat, here comes Cybrary!

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August 6, 2019

As I sat in the airport this week thinking about the week ahead, I couldn't help but get a flutter of excitement. The Cybrary team has spent weeks and weeks preparing for what will be our biggest event to date. After 4.5 years, Cybrary (which when I joined was a team of 3) has now eclipsed 60 employees and has become the industry leader in IT and cyber security workforce development. Starting with nothing more than a basic website giving away free video training; the company has transformed to become a dominant player in the Enterprise learning space. Through a first-of-its-kind platform business model, we are transforming careers for security and technology professionals alike. Enterprises from around the world are adopting Cybrary at a rapid pace as they work to keep up with emerging security threats and revolutionary new technologies. With Cybrary establishing itself as the fastest moving catalog in the security space, here's what we are announcing at BlackHat:

  • Announcing Security Enablement

    We have coined a new industry term, and one that is quickly gaining adoption. Security Enablement is the process of assessing, developing, and measuring the security skills of your entire technology organization. By building cyber security skill sets into the business value chain, organizations are able to innovate faster and more efficiently to develop new business models around emerging technologies. As security becomes the responsibility of more than just the security team, we are proud to be a driving force in the adoption of this new industry trend.

  • 3 New Courses

    Aligned directly to three popular industry courses, allowing individuals and enterprises an alternative to spending $4,000 to send one person to class

  • Cybrary Work Role Assessments

    Aligned to the NICE NIST workforce framework, Cybrary is now the only platform allowing Enterprises a turn key solution to assess, develop, and measure the cyber skills of their workforce aligned to the framework

  • InterviewMocha Partnership

    Integration of their innovative skills assessment platform on Cybrary to assess IT and Next-Gen skills
  • ITProChallenges Partnership

    Newly released by the LearnOnDemand team, we sparked an earlier partnership integrating their best-in-class lab development platform and hands-on labs on the AWS and Azure platforms. Their labs allow Enterprises to not only give individuals hands on experience with cloud technologies, but they can now assess the capabilities of their staff using ITProChallenges AWS and Azure assessments. This partnership offers Cybrary members a hands-on learning experience unrivaled by anyone else on the market.
The Cybrary team will be kicking off BlackHat at Booth 1265 in the Business Hall, and will be co-hosting the VIP Security Leaders party Wednesday night. We are excited to be talking with customers, demonstrating Cybrary for conference attendees, handing out Cybrary T-shirts to a lucky few, and supporting career development in the cyber security community. We are thrilled to be participating in one of the industry's iconic conferences, and full intend on leaving our "mark".
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