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Linux Webserver Using Lighttpd and Juliar

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By: Rattar

October 29, 2016

fractal-1707412_1280Recently I got a request to have *Juliar * run on a Linux Lighttpd Server?You might wonder...why support Lighttpd? There are a few reasons:
  1. It's easy to setup and you can set up the whole Juliar server within seconds.
  2. Lighttpd allows easy configuration passing and it's super fast.
  3. Juliar and Lighttpd work well with each other.
So let's download the latest version of *Juliar * at we are using Linux, let's download the appropriate linux version.Now all we need to do is run That will setup *Juliar* part of the web server.Next we download the lighttpd.conf file via All we need to do now is run the lighttpd.conf file via terminal by typing:lighttpd lighttpd.confAll we do now is type "localhost" in browser and you should now be able to use Juliar with lighttpd server. Put all your html and Juliar files into "/var/www/html" folder  Enjoy!Again thanks for comments and suggestions!
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