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Linux in 15 Steps

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By: H5p

January 8, 2017

linux-competenceSTEP 1: Getting the datecommand: date1STEP 2: Finding who you arecommand: whoami2STEP 3: Clearing the terminalcommand: clearSTEP 4: Adding a usercommand: adduser username3STEP 5: switching the userscommand: su username4STEP 6: Fun with directoriescommand 1 (list out directories): dircommand 2 (create directories): mkdir directory namecommand 3 (remove directory): rmdir directoryname5STEP 7: Moving in directories and deletioncommand 1 (changing the directory): cd directory_path OR cd .. (moves up one directory)command 2 (recursive deletion of diectories): rm -r directory_name67STEP 8: Creating a filecommand 1 (creating a file): touch filenamecommand 2 (editing file): nano filename89STEP 9: Playing with filescommand 1 (create a file): touch filenamecommand 2 (display file contents): cat filenamecommand 3 (move a file): mv source_file destination_filecommand 4 (copying a file): cp source_file destination_filecommand 5 (deleting a file): rm filename10STEP 10: what  we did till nowcommand (what all commands we have run): history11STEP 11: Listing down contentscommand 1 (listing the contents): lscommand 2 (long listing): ls -lcommand 3 (finding all the contents, even the hidden ones): ls -a12STEP 12: Find mecommand (to pick a particular piece in the file): cat filename  | grep searchword13STEP 13: man at rescuecommand (command help): man command_name14STEP 14: what's my address?command (finding the mac and IP): ifconfig15STEP 15: Time to sleepcommand (shutdown): init 0
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