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Letter To The Community: Cybrary's Next Chapter

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By: SLWelty

January 27, 2020

Dear Cybrarians,

Prior to launching Cybrary, Ralph and I had worked more than 10 years in the traditional brick-and-mortar classroom business. During that time we uncovered the countless issues that have been plaguing the industry, the most egregious of which was the high cost of training. Years of allowing for $3000-$5000 classes created high barriers to entry, and a general lack of accessibility to explore what a career in cyber security could be like. This has manifested itself by way of the growing number of cybersecurity job openings, the total of which seems to grow in number every year.

In 2015, we sought to tackle that challenge by launching Cybrary as a free video training platform, allowing anyone, anywhere to explore and make a career for themselves in IT and cybersecurity.

Over the next 5 years, Cybrary grew to train more than 2.5million students and professionals, around the world; delivering nearly half a billion (yes, billion) minutes to those learners along the way.

When launching the platform we had ideas on ways we could grow a thriving business from a free video training model; and in 2018, we began exploring those through the introduction of Cybrary Insider Pro and Cybrary for Teams. We found the greatest student success came from those that enrolled; but what's more is, those programs demanded more from the business. The introduction of career paths, mentorship, and hands-on labs was only part of it.

We have made significant investments in our creators and our content creation process. We have increased the size of our catalog by 75% over the past year and added cyber and IT adjacent careers in Cloud, senior management, and Data Science. Leveraging the latest in learning science, curriculum design and data points from the more than 500 million learning minutes, we have completely transformed the quality of our material and how learners develop on the platform. We have sought out and continue to build an elite network of industry experts including the likes of Ed Amoroso, Chris Kubecka, Ken Underhill, Kelly Handerhan and more. We have partnered and integrated leading-edge learning and assessment providers and developed the only curriculum on the market featuring videos and labs threaded throughout the learning experience. Learners are finding more success than they ever have from the Cybrary platform.

In 2019 we made the leap to move some of our video content as part of our paid product. We were so happy that the community supported us in this move. This move is an extension of that process and a higher commitment to providing you with the best learning experience possible.

As we look to 2020, we have an opportunity to completely transform the way professionals in the cybersecurity industry develop and find careers. This move, and the decision to make adjustments to our catalog will enable that progress.  


  What is changing now?

Of the more than 300 courses on the platform, all but our Introduction to IT and Cybersecurity course will now fall under our Cybrary Individual and Cybrary for Teams plans.

  If I am enrolled in a, now premium, course, will I still have access to it?

Yes, learners who were previously enrolled prior to the change will still have access to those courses. We do not plan to support lifetime access to those enrolled courses through future development cycles so we would encourage learners to upgrade to continue to have access.   When can I expect this new model to take effect?

Starting January 27th, we will begin to switch over our courses into our premium plan.   Doesn't this go against the original mission of free content for anyone, anywhere?

We launched Cybrary to help anyone, anywhere explore a career in cybersecurity. By continuing to offer our most popular course for free, we will continue to help those in extenuating circumstances that may not be able to afford the $3000+ classroom courses.   So how much will I be paying?

Cybrary will offer it's Individual plan for $399/yr ($33.25/mo, paid annually) and $59/mo (equivalent to $708/yr).   Ok, why should I upgrade?

Cybrary is fundamental to helping people develop the skills, certifications and hands-on capabilities needed to land a job or earn a promotion in IT or cybersecurity. Our career paths and community deliver guidance and structure for those who are looking how to get started and find their way toward their next role.

If you are not familiar with the current offering, we have more than 300 video courses, 2000+ hands-on lab modules (AWS, Azure, Security, and Data Science), 200 practice tests, and 20+ expertly curated career paths. In addition, we offer a thriving community of mentors and peers allowing anyone to network and never feel like they are learning alone.   Is there anything else big happening in 2020?

We have some big announcements coming in Q2 this year. We can't wait to share them with the community, but I will say it will be a monumental step forward for curbing the talent issues plaguing this industry.   Sincerely, Ryan CEO

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