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Let's Enumerate + Bonus

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By: H5p

March 19, 2017

whois-2I will be discussing some command line tools which will help the pentesters during their work. Let's cut the talk and get to the meat.1) whoiscommand: whois google.comwhois-1 whois-2whois-32) hostcommand 1: host -hcommand 2: host google.comcommand 3: host -C google.comhost-1host-2host-3  3) theharvestercommand 1: theharvestercommand 2: theharvester -d -l 20 -b alltheharvester-1theharvester-2theharvester-3theharvester-4   4) netcraftwhat is the website running.?netcraft-1netcraft-2netcraft-3  5) dnsenumcommand 1: dnsenum -hcommand 2: dnsenum alux.comdnsenum-1dnsenum-2 6) dnsreconcommand 1: dnsrecon -hcommand 2: dnsrecon -d alux.comdnsrecon-1dnsrecon-2 BONUS: The below commands can be used for performing a search in kali.1) findcommand 1: find --helpcommand 2: find /usr/share/nmap/scripts -name http* [ /usr/share/nmap/scripts represents the path where the search has been performed ]find-1find-2 2) locatecommand 1: locate /nmap/scriptscommand 2: locate whois-ipcommand 3: locate whois-ip.nselocate-1locate-2 
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