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Knowing Your SSL/TLS

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By: H5p

April 13, 2017

1-sslscanOne thing I have noticed during testing is that there are a number of vulnerabilities that occur as a result of TLS version and cipher suite used. So, I have added a few new tricks in my arsenal to hunt for SSL/TLS that are being used.We will discuss both of the following, one by one -
  1. Using SSLSCAN
  2. Using NMAP scripting engine
First, SSL scan; command: sslscan1-sslscanTesting it on a test site:   2-sslscan3-sslscan4-sslscanAdvantages:
  • Faster than others scans, sometimes it takes just a few seconds to get the results.
  • May have false positives

Second: Nmap NSEThere are a few scripts in Nmap which can come in handy and one of them is ssl-enum-ciphers.nseCommand: nmap --script ssl-enum-ciphers.nse target IP/URL1-nmap2-nmap3-nmap   Thanks :)
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