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Kali Linux For Ethical Hacking 1c - Info Gather with SPARTA Lab [Video Series]

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By: bjacharya

May 8, 2017

maxresdefault-bjacharaOk, welcome back to my new video post on using SPARTA for Information Gathering. This is part 01c and you can find my other 2 parts 01a/01b in OP3N. Basically, the target audience of this video is Kali Linux beginners.In this video, we will see a Python Script build tool in Kali Linux i.e. SPARTA for information gathering. Sparta can be used for multiple purposes like Information Gathering, Enumeration, and Brute Forcing. But as you know this part is especially focused on Information Gathering, so we will use SPARTA to gather information on about particular single host. If there is any confusion, please comment below and I'll reply as soon as possible. Follow me on twitter to get all updates from me: @acharya_bijay or like my Facebook page: Bijay Acharya  
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