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Kali Linux For Ethical Hacking Part 1a & 1b [Video Series]

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By: bjacharya

March 23, 2017

Part 1a: Info Gather with DMITRY Lab (published 2/16/2017)

Hello everyone. I'd like to give a warm welcome to beginners who are trying to roll with Kali Linux Tools for Ethical Hacking. Here is my next series for those of you who are thinking about starting Ethical Hacking Labs with tools available in Kali Linux. This is a video series, so here is the video for part 01a - Information Gathering with DMITRY Lab in Kali Linux.

In this video, we will see how DMITRY can be used to gather information in the initial phase of Ethical Hacking. I will show you how to gather subdomains, emails, know open ports, filtered ports and/or closed ports. All of this will be done by using the same Dmitry tool in Kali Linux.

Part 1b: Info Gather with MALTEGO Lab (published 3/23/2017)

Hello and Namaste Everyone. Welcome back to my next part in this series, i.e. Kali Linux For Ethical Hacking 01b – Info Gather with MALTEGO Lab [Video Series]. In this video, we will see an awesome tool in Kali Linux, i.e. MALTEGO for information gathering. Maltego is a unique platform developed to deliver a clear threat picture to the environment that an organization owns and operates.

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