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Kali Linux Command Lines Part 1 - Intro and Getting Started

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By: bjacharya

January 5, 2016

Kali Linux Command Lines Part 1 - Intro and Getting Started - CybraryWelcome, everyone, to this new series on using command lines in Kali Linux. My name is Bijay and I'll be teaching the whole series of this training. This training series is recommended for beginners.Let's begin. Remember, Kali is a replacement of Backtrack. Just after releasing Bactrack 5 R3, the company stopped its release, and released Kali. Tools available in both platforms are the same. We can say the next generation of Backtrack is Kali Linux. Introduction:Well, Backtrack and it's replacement, Kali, include a large collection of hacking and penetration testing tools. Built-In Hacking and Penetration Testing ToolsI'm going to talk about warnings or cautions on using these tools. Let's assume you use any kind of tools from BT or Kali Linux. You tried or launched some kind of attack to damage the database of a company or you tried to create a problem in public network/private network. You will likely be in real trouble and may be charged/punished, depending on your crime.So, never ever create a problem for anyone. What I suggest is, learn how these tools work within your own virtual lab or environment and become a defense genius, security analyst or some kind of network security manager.

-White HatThis is a category of hacker and those who use these tools in only authorized manners/only after permission. They carry out experiments in their own virtual network and never ever touch or destroy the property of other people.

-Authorized EnvironmentIf a company calls you for penetration testing or vulnerability assessment action, you're not allowed to open up a Toolset box of Backtrack/Kali and start launching them. Rather, you have to work under some guidelines and written permissions. If we try more, we may get into trouble. So, it's better to ask before crossing given outlines.

Using Backtrack/Kali for good purposes will definitely improve the overall security of the system or network.

 That's it for the first part. For the next part, we will get our hands dirty with Kali Linux Terminal, i.e. Command Lines of Kali Linux. Don't forget to watch my YouTube video on this part. I'll show you the interface of Kali Linux, tools and more cool slides and stuff.Video link : is sweet. Please leave a comment on how I can get clear and awesome for you in next training series :)
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