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By: Rattar
November 17, 2016

Juliar Webserver: GETting parameters - Part 1

By: Rattar
November 17, 2016
By: Rattar
November 17, 2016
server-1235959_1280Hey guys,In order to follow this tutorial, you must have *Juliar* installed with a web server.Run Juliar as a webserver, create index.ju file in webfiles and add the following to index.ju:
*get query/test *
This will basically access the object query that is automatically populated if run as a web server.We will be populating using GET request, so we can type in the URL parameters.So, let's say our host is localhost/index.juIn order to pass parameter "test", we do localhost/index.ju?test=22This will pass the parameter test with value 22.So when we open up our website, you will see that 22 is displayed. Change from "test=22" to "test=random" and you will see that the words random appear.We can now pass items to the server and access them with *get query/ * method.What if we wanted to have two parameters? Well simple, in the index.ju file we create something like:
*get query/param1 **get query/param2 *
In the URL we need to separate parameters via '&' i.e.:We can now pass parameters via "localhost/index.ju?param1=hello&param2=world"If you open that page, you should now see:
I hope that this tutorial has been helpful. If you have any suggestions, please comment below. Also, for the latest news, visit Juliar.org.
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