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Juliar - A Tool for 2017

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By: Rattar

January 3, 2017

2017-juliar-tools_resize_1080x810*Juliar * a now refined tool is a must-have companion for Hackers, Security Specialist, and IT.With an ever growing private modules, and ability to load almost any module written in any language using Juliar Universal Module Loader makes the language unique and easily customizable.Write a security program once in Juliar, and it will run on every device! That’s right, no more time wasting learning all those other languages. No need to customize scripts for different operating systems. With Juliar, it will run!On What Processors does Juliar run on?Juliar runs on x86, x64, and ARM processors.Reasons to choose Juliar:
  1. Juliar can run as a fast-CGI process. That means Juliar can be used to render dynamic pages. ( actually runs on NGINX + Juliar [with exception of forums]) Juliar has a ”Web” module to replace the need to use HTML completely. Juliar is compatible with NGINX, Apache, and Lighttpd. It can run on any other server that supports FastCGI as well. Juliar supports the latest standard of multiple file uploading.
  2. You can run Juliar in several modes. You can double click to run it as a desktop application (which is what most people do). It can run in command prompt without parameters which will enter interpreter mod. If you use a pipe ”). It can be executed inline via parameter ”-in”. For example, you can run juliar.exe -in ”Put a command here and I will execute *add 3 2 *”.
  3. Juliar is available on many devices: Windows 64 and 32, Windows 10 app, Windows 10 Mobile App, Xbox One, Windows 8 Mobile App, Linux 32 and 64, Unix 32 and 64, Macintosh (> OS 10), Android, and Web Version(javascript). It will soon run on iOS devices, Surface Hub, and Microsoft Holo Lens. So Juliar pretty much runs on every platform.
  4. Juliar has a universal module loader which allows one to write a module in any other language and easily port it to Juliar. This allows Juliar to act as a bridge between different programming languages.
  5. Juliar has a powerful API to access low-level system structures at a higher level i.e. wifi networks, killing processes.
  6. With Juliar, you only need to write several lines of code to have a full blown application that will run on every platform.
  7. Juliar has many security tools and powerful web API to access website content.

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