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Juliar.Future Function Hoisting

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By: Rattar

February 14, 2017

juliar-logo3Juliar.Future (J.F) provides function hoisting.In each Juliar.Future script, you should have a main() function. If you don't have this function, that means the file cannot be called directly and must be required.So let's create our main function`function main() = {hello();}`This means that our main function has a hello. Unlike C/C++ and python, J.F supports function hoisting. That means that you can put functions below and above other functions without getting any uninitialized errors.So you are allowed to do this:`function main() = {hello();}function hello() = {printLine("Hello");}`This will execute correctly even though function hello has not been defined.This is a simple and great feature of J.F. So you can put your functions in any order you want without worrying whether they have been read or not.
Quick facts about Juliar:1) Functional, but not really - Unlike C,JAVA, LISP...Juliar is completely different. It does use Functional ideology but in its own kind of way.2) Easy to Learn - You can be a coding hero within hours.3) Cross Platform - The Juliar code you write on one Machine can be used on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. As well as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and Xbox4) Professional - Create High Quality Websites, Professional Articles, and Powerful Presentations.5) Web Server - You can use Juliar as a web development language. Create powerful websites with dynamic content!6) Multithreaded - Juliar is automatically multithreaded. However, you can manually control when to use it. Useful for Networking.7) Sandbox - Juliar runs in a closed environment = Less Memory Exploits.8) Write Once - We will take care of upgrading the algorithms and using latest technologies. So you don't have to.9) Open Source - Juliar is open source and only interpreted or compiled at run time.10) Growing Community - Juliar has a strong community who are willing to help you with any questions you might have.
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