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Juliar Blue: Simulating Network (Virtual) under VM

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By: Rattar

December 19, 2017

Hey Everyone,I haven't posted anything in a while but now I am back.My team and I are currently working on a new Juliar.Future release codenamed Juliar.Future Blue.Mostly we want to remove the old interface, and replace it with a new "Drag and Drop" design. One of the features that we are working on is an ability to quickly and efficiently run many "isolated" processes in their own environment. Particularly we are interested in making Juliar.Future create and simulate a virtual network. We believe that it would be advantageous for both offensive and defensive security.We have recently explored "Mininet Project" found at ""This project is a modification of a Ubuntu Machine that allows one to install and simulate the network.However, we think that with Juliar.Future Blue, we can improve on design.1) Juliar.Future is an application and therefore can simulate the virtual network at the application level (there is no need to download additional software)2) Juliar.Future runs on top of Java Virtual Machine and can therefore run on practically any device.There will be of course disadvantages as you won't really be able to execute applications (at least at the moment) on each Virtual Machine (i.e. a process will be shared). Of course, Juliar.Future will run the Virtual Network "slower" than Mininet.So far we are trying to simulate the TCP Reno and see if we can get two devices to converge.Thank you for reading this!If you are interested in the project, visit us at Team
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