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A Job in Security Leads to Job Security

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By: jrinehard

September 6, 2017

Cyber Security/IT salaries continue to rise as companies deal with a snowballing shortage of cyber talent.

A lucrative career indeed

Over a decade ago, career options for technology seekers were generally limited to security firms, handfuls of jobs inside mainstream companies, and in government agencies. Today, as technology becomes more and more incorporated into our daily lives, the opportunities in the security sector are at an all-time high.

Here are the 10 highest-paying tech jobs in the U.S. and the number of job openings in early 2017 Business Insider according to Glassdoor:


Job postings in the cyber security field have gone up 74% over the past five years—and US News and World Report ranked a career in information security analysis top five on its list of best technology jobs. Average salaries nationally are $88,890, and the $84 billion industry is expected to double in the next five years.

“Certainly as an industry as a whole [security] salaries are going up,” said Philip Casesa, director of product development and portfolio management with (ISC)², a non-profit organization that provides education and certification for security professionals. They also predicted a global shortage of 1.8 million skilled security workers in 2022 leading to a third of hiring managers planning to boost their security teams by at least 15%.

Right now is the time to secure a job in cyber security

When looking at the skill shortage within the security industry, paired with the way in which cyber security threats continue to evolve… the storm of potential for data theft or system shutdown from a breach in cyber security is brewing. Information technology professionals are scrambling to keep up with cyber criminals who are using the latest methodologies. That all being said, bringing the right people into this field is important now more than ever.

“The job prospects are excellent,” said Deborah Hurley, a professor for Brown University’s executive master in cybersecurity program. She continued by stating, “The demand far outweighs the supply.”

In today’s world, it is vital that technology is available protected and secure, the same goes for your job!

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