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By: 0xff7
June 18, 2017

How to Jailbreak iOS 10-10.2 with Yalu

By: 0xff7
June 18, 2017
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By: 0xff7
June 18, 2017
This tutorial is going to show you how to jailbreak all 64bit iPhone/iPad/iPod on iOS 10-10.2
  1. Download Cydia Impactor from http://www.cydiaimpactor.com/
  2. Download Yalu102 from https://yalu.qwertyoruiop.com/
  3. Connect your device to computer and run Cydia Impactor,
If it looks like this then so far so good

4. Now drag and drop the Yalu102.ipa onto Cydia Impactor and release.

You will be prompted to sign in with iCloud developer account and password. (Free dev account is ok)If you have two factor auth turned on you will be greated withIf so follow the instructions and repeat step 4 and use the password you just created.

5. Let Cydia Impactor finishing signing the app, and then we are done with the computer.

6. Go to your device and open the Yalu app and click GO

7. Let the app run and after a few seconds the device will respring

After the respring your device is jailbroken and Cydia is already installed!Unless you have a paid Apple developer account You will need to resign (repeat the process) every 7 days in order to run the app again. Also, If your device reboots you will need to Run the Yalu app again as thisjailbreak is only semi-tethered.
If for any reason you had any issues and your phone doesn't seem to be working right connect to iTunes and restore, although the chances of anything going wrong are practically impossible as long as you followed the steps.
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