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ITIL, PMP, or Both? Goal-Based Decisions

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By: priyajatoliya

September 10, 2017

PMP or Project Management Professional Certification is an internationally recognized certification for project managers. It means professionals in the field of project management can reach to a greater height in their career with this certification in their portfolio. On the other hand, ITIL or Information Technology Infrastructure Library certification in the widely accepted professional framework in the field of IT and ITES. Both, PMP certification and ITIL certification provide immense benefits to the certificate holders as also to the companies and both have wide industrial acceptance.

What is the PMP certification and what are its benefits?This is the most accepted and industry recognized qualification for project managers and the best project management practices. The certification and its course structure are administered by Project Management Institute based in the USA. Having the certification is a clear proof of the highest level of education, expertise, and experience of the project management professionals’ best practices.

These days, PMPs are imperative in every industry. Skill requirements may vary from one industry to another or from one economy to another, but the basic necessities and parameters never change which are taken care of in PMP courses. After the completion of a PMP course, the professionals become expert in coordinating different parts of a project and determine various risks associated with a project clearly. They become extremely capable of helping the top management reduce the expenditure and utilize the scarce resources optimally. They also help to develop a strong project team and design processes for maintaining hierarchy and sharing information in an authentic way.

As per the recent survey by PMI, the opportunities for Project Management practitioners will increase rapidly in near future, though the process has already begun. As workers and technicians are migrating to different countries for better opportunities, the importance of project management global standard will increase simultaneously. Professional project managers will be recruited in larger numbers by multinational companies for maintaining the global standard and handling multi cultural workers and technicians more efficiently.

What is ITIL certification and what are its benefits?IT services in any industry follow a certain rule and IT professionals need to follow that rule and set practices to manage the entire IT system efficiently. ITIL certification provides all necessary input that every IT professional should follow to set the best IT practices. This is why the importance of ITIL training has been increasing day by day. The parameters set by ITIL is now globally recognized as the most efficient way to manage and deliver consistent and flexible services. Almost all blue-chip companies now recruit ITIL certified professionals and they have been immensely benefited from this decision. Again, many companies are sending their IT professionals such as system analysts, quality analysts, operation managers, and IT managers to complete ITIL Foundation certification course, ITIL service lifecycle course, or other ITIL courses as per their requirements to adapt to the new industry standard. This helps the companies to improve their standard and be at par with the global standards. The ITIL standard is imperative for more customer satisfaction, optimal utilization of resources, and reduction in the operating cost. The certified professionals become experts in analyzing the feasibility of new technology and identify the skill required to adapt to the new IT environment.Both PMO and ITIL certifications are the best ones in their respective fields but they require different competencies. It depends on an individual’s interest, qualification, work experience, and future planning. Both the certifications are beneficial for better job opportunities and better pay package. Several instances could be found when the professionals or trainees are opting for combo courses as their qualification or expertise is mostly in the field of project management related to IT.
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