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ISP's Connect You to the World

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By: Dr3AMCoDeR

June 6, 2016

Why the ISP is Our Connection to the World - CybraryHello there Cybrarians,As always, I appreciate your huge support and comments. That's why I've decided to write another article today which might be useful for you. I'm going to discuss everything about ISP's (Internet Service Providers) because many people have asked me, "How does an ISP work and what do they know about us (the clients)?".My discussion will be done in Question/Answer format, so we can efficiently explain the most about the ISP's. Q: What's an ISP?A: An ISP is a company that provides access to the Internet, sometimes for a fee. They're usually acting as a layer between you (the client) and the unfiltered Internet. This company uses multi-layered networking equipment and custom software. Their mission is to filter the Internet, protect your sensitive information and provide fast, safe and stable Internet connections. Q: How do I Choose an ISP? A: You must be careful and read all the documents before signing the contract because shady ISP's also exist. Shady ones offer cheap fees, but their clients may not be protected as they should. ISP's with good reputations are always a better choice. When you've found a good ISP, you'll be ready to contract with them and use their services with trust. Q: What do ISP's Know About You? A: They usually know some ID information, the Internet habits and your visited sites (on some level, which is more relevant to their technical handling). They also know some technical and networking data, which will help them optimize the network. Q: What Tools and Methods of Protection do They Use?A: They usually use more layers of technical and networking equipment, but their core methods are:
  • Monitoring and Filtering: They can monitor the packets that come in and come out, and filter the data with some criteria/rules. This method is used in combination of another technologies, which gives powerful control over the data to the ISP. They can react if they need to.
  • Compression and Optimization: They can compress the data with some equipment or software and optimize the speed of the data at the network level.
  • Anonymity and Encryption: They can encrypt the data between the client and the server on the network layer to make safer connections.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Some mainstream ISP's use AI, which will analyze the packets on the network and decide an action. This is usually the best automated protection, but these AI modules are really expensive. AI is useful in blocking attacks, filtering malware etc.
 I hope that this article helped you in understanding ISP's. Feel free to support me, message me and comment.Thank you. 
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