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Introduction To Computer Science Security

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By: xorinsomnia

February 3, 2017

Introduction to Computer Science Security Tutorial

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Welcome to this crash course on security. My aim for this tutorial is to fill the gap between the academic courses (knowledge) part and real life scenario (practical) part. My motivation for doing this tutorial is based on personal issues I experienced during my studies.

This tutorial will be divided into two parts as mentioned above:

  1. Academic - knowledge based
  2. Real Life Scenario - practical based

In the academic part, we will explore the history of cryptography, modern cryptography and its application.

In real life scenarios, we will establish simple examples of security applications in real life, and/or use the current examples given by Cybrary.

Nowadays, security is a hot and interesting subject for good and bad reasons.  It is one of the more important subjects in Computer Science studies. The importance of security grows rapidly due to the emergence of new technologies. Currently, technology is involved in almost every aspect of our lives.

In order to study and understand security, there are a few prerequisite courses, and I will divide them into three parts:

  • MATH
  • OS
  • Programming
Math, seriously?! Oh my gosh :D Yea it's true. Math is almost the magical entrance for studying almost every field in computer science and since we are studying security, math is considered the core of it. But, before you panic, don't worry. I promise I will make it as simple as I can.The second prerequisite is Operating Systems. You should have a good understanding of operating systems in order to know which mechanisms you are dealing with.The third is programming languages (our tools) to translate our academic knowledge to real application. Yes, this is the part where it gets fun. Unfortunately, it doesn't really get fun until the end but persevere and it will be rewarding.That's all for now. I hope you liked the tutorial and found it interesting and helpful. Please send suggestions or modifications to what I mentioned.N.B: at every part of this tutorial I will support you with the references and additional resources if available.Thank youXorInsomniaCome back soon for the next installment!
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