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How to install and use a MTR client

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By: kent

September 14, 2016

Introduction to MTRMy Traceroute (mtr) merges the services and performance of the ping and traceroute programs into one networking tool.  Upon starting this diagnostic tool,  mtr investigates the network connection. This typically happens between the host that the mtr runs on, and the (user-specified) destination host. After determining the address of each network hop, a sequence of ICMP ECHO requests is sent to each one so that the quality of the link to each machine can be determined. Response times of hops are monitored. As this process occurs, mtr prints current statistics about each machine.   The sudden increase in packet-loss or in response time is often indicative of a bad link, or one that is simply "overloaded".  Look at an example below:[caption id="attachment_73386" align="aligncenter" width="799"] Image above is from:[/caption]mtr-usage Now, onto what you really want to know!Using MTR on Linux For Redhat based operating systems download mtr by issuing the following command:yum install mtr For Debian based operating systems download MTR by issuing the following command:apt-get install mtr After either of the above steps, issue the following command:mtr [destination_IP_address] Using MTR on Windows
  1. Download WinMTR from:
  2. Open WinMTR and enter the destination IP address in the “Host” field
  3. Then, click start
 Using MTR on OSXDownload and install MTR from: 'Terminal' and issue:sudo mtr [destination_IP_address] General information when running a MTR
  • The MTR will allow us to identify the route your traffic is taking to your server and any issues in between.
  • The most helpful response is a text report provided in the ticket you have open, regarding your issue.
  • Let the report run for at least 180 seconds (3 minutes) as this is the time required for an accurate report.
  • A report from your current connection to your service is the most helpful.
  • A report from your server to your home IP will also be very beneficial in finding the issue efficiently. (You can find your IP by visiting
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