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Video: Getting Information During Footprinting

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By: Vardhan
January 30, 2017


Background Information that we need during footprinting.

In this post, I'll tell you how to get the background technology or services that a website is running. This will be helpful in gaining some information during the Information Gathering process and footprinting.[insert_vertical_space the_pixels="10"][insert_vertical_space the_pixels="10"]

How do you get the information you need during Footprinting?

From Network:
  • Domain Name
  • IDS
  • IP Addresses of Reachable Computer Systems
  • Network Block
  • Networking Protocols
  • Private Websites
  • Authentication Methods
  • VPN Devices
  • TCP & UDP Services Running
  • Internal DNS Information
From Systems:
  • Passwords
  • System Names
  • User & Group Names
  • Remote System Type
  • System Banners
From Organizations:
  • Addresses & Phone Numbers
  • Background of the Organization
  • Company Directory
  • Location Details
  • Employee Details
  • Organization other websites
  • Press Releases
  • Security Policies Implemented
How to get that information from those areas:
  1. Search Engines ( Google, Altavista, Metacrawler, Bing, etc. )
  2. WHOIS Records
  3. DNS
  4. Social Networks
  5. Website Mirroring
  6. People Sites
  7. URL Analysis
  8. Job Sites
  9. Financial Web
  10. Alert Websites
  11. Archive Websites ( )
  12. Google Earth.
I hope you've enjoyed this. Please comment! :)
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