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Growing Importance of VMware Certifications in 2019

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By: Vikrant Saran

January 15, 2019

VMware is one such technology which has gained immense popularity in the current times. And the coming year is going to create more opportunities for the people who have virtualizations skills in their resume. A few years ago a business growth would directly mean more investment and more hardware units put together; however, after the onset of virtualization technologies and the possibility of virtual infrastructure and networking, more and more enterprises are going virtual. Now it is possible to get multiple desktops as well as servers on one machine which saves on more cost and space. Especially this scenario is beneficial for start-ups and those who are sharing co-working spaces. Reasons why companies need VMware technologiesVMware is one of the most popular virtualization technology providers and gives you the opportunity to replace disparate and non-utilized technologies with the virtual host. The main benefits are that it majorly affects the downtime. Now the question is which technology to go for? The answer to this question is depending upon which one is apt for your company, VMware has to offer great benefits and you may choose the best as per your needs.Reasons why companies hiring more VMware certification holders:As more and more companies are utilizing virtualization technologies and hence are interested in hiring and having more employees in-house those who are certified in Vmware technologies. This besides improving their productivity also enhance the trust of their clients and give a clear indication of its professionalism and expertise.Let us find few top certifications from VMware:
  • VCP - VMware Certified Professional
  • VCAP - VMware Certified Advanced Professional
  • VCDX - VMware Design Certified Expert
So, now whichever path you want to go for, the progression path would remain similar. All the best!
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