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The Importance of jQuery Mobile in 2018

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By: thomassujain

April 22, 2018

5 Reasons to Include jQuery Mobile in Your Web Dev Plans for 2018

jQuery mobile makes the concept of optimizing a single website design for multiple mobile devices a reality. Write less to do more, is the correct way to describe the perks of the client-side JavaScript library for mobile. The need for mobile websites has exceeded the demand for desktop website designs in the last couple of years. Ever since mobile traffic took over desktop traffic, there has been no doubt about the necessity of exclusive JS libraries for mobile websites and the website developers. Over the last few months, there have been significant changes in the world of search engines, website design, and optimization. This has called for better resources and improved JS scripts over and over again. The presence of the jQuery mobile platform has been helping mobile website and app developers across the world in creating new and optimized designs that are visible across all leading search engine platforms.

Here are the few uses of the jQuery mobile platform –

i.                    Ideal for website development firms which are working with different levels of HTML5 and CSS3 compatibility requirements.

ii.                  It can help with the development of platforms that are suitable for different screen sizes, orientations, and DPIs.

iii.                jQuery mobile is helping website developer teams optimize their designs and idealize the UI for several platforms including Windows, iOS, Android and even BlackBerry.

iv.                 It relieves the uncountable hacks and tricks that developers have to implement each month for the optimization of site designs and applications once a new OS or platform comes up.

This JS library aimed to optimize the website experiences for all users irrespective of their platform of choice, operating system and device. By using mobile jQuery, the websites are easier to build, manipulate, manage and edit. It is a robust library that offers unobtrusive coding for developers of all experience levels.

While we have been rambling on and on about website responsiveness and adaptability to different platforms, we have not yet touched on the point of touchscreen devices. This is another significant feature that jQuery mobile ensures. With the advancement of touch-friendly mobile devices and obliteration of mobile devices with keypads, it has become mandatory to keep your websites touch-friendly. jQuery mobile framework enables the touch-optimized features of sites, mobile, efficient page loading and cross-platform device support with little to no effort. 

Why should you consider jQuery Mobile as well?

Years of using jQuery to create cross-platform websites have given us multiple reasons to love jQuery mobile. Here are our top 5 reasons to pick the jQuery mobile framework each time for our website design projects –

i.                    Extensive device coverage

jQuery Mobile ensures that anyone on this planet could potentially access your website and your content by typing in a URL. It enables the delivery of sites to devices that cannot process CSS or Ajax. It has the power to render any website design on mobile devices irrespective of OSx. As you can understand by now, this is one of the few modern frameworks that work with website development and not against it.

ii.                  Touch-optimized UI

Have you ever tried to fill out a non-mobile optimized form on a mobile device? It involves a lot of "trying to hit" checkboxes and repeated input of personal details. All in all, it is a very frustrating process. Touch is necessary for almost all websites since laptops, and even desktop monitors have finally accepted their invitation into the world of touchscreen devices. Thus, your website needs a strong but flexible framework that can render your web UI fit for multiple devices, touch-screen platforms, and high-resolution screens. This is currently only possible with jQuery mobile with such simplicity. This framework can auto-enhance your forms to convert them into touch-friendly data sources for your website. Using jQuery mobile framework corresponds to a direct increase in user satisfaction and an increase in data inflow rate.

iii.                Ushers in Responsive Design

Responsive website design has been around for quite a while. However, most webmasters have heard of it yet never used it due to the high costs of development and maintenance. That is finally about to change with the widespread acceptance of the mobile JS framework. The jQuery mobile offers the development of responsive website designs with the help of panel widgets, responsive web grids, and responsive tablets. The framework comes with complete guidance that helps in the quick and perfect development of new responsive websites.

iv.                Better data enhancement

The jQuery mobile framework uses the data in your website database to enhance as per your HTML needs. It assigns behavior and style to your data by auto-injecting CSS classes into the lists. It can improve website CTA visibility and enhance your UI for better website navigation. Interestingly, the use of jQuery mobile does not restrict your usability or website design options. Everything you can access the framework is optional including the CSS classes. There are several new integrations like the Adobe Kuler Tool that gives a plethora of color schemes to choose from.

v.                  It enables AJAX navigation models for mobile

Using jQuery mobile ensures that you do not have to use full page reloads. It enhances dynamic website designs with the help of Ajax aided content/information fetching. Clicking on a link loads the new data in a new div and sends it to a new viewport. There are several page transition models built-in with the jQuery mobile framework that contributes to the development of a user-friendly and mobile-friendly website design.


The advent of mobile-friendly frameworks has boosted website performance and web-based application performance. The jQuery mobile framework has enhanced website features, usability, functionality and responsive designs of multi-platform sites. The most prominent advantage of using any JavaScript library is the endless community support from which these frameworks come. These communities consist of expert developers and novice coders. Therefore, it is straightforward to troubleshoot developer problems and find useful advice from pro developers at any time of the day. jQuery mobile has been revolutionizing the advent of mobile websites, and it is imperative in the creation of beautiful mobile-responsive and touch-enabled websites in a jiffy.

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