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Identity Access Management Chapter 1

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By: Gokmenduristi

September 12, 2017

Identity Access Management is one of the fastest growing business areas in the world. The Identity and Access management market is estimated to grow from USD 8.09 Billion in 2016 to USD 14.82 Billion by 2021, a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 12.9% between 2016 and 2021. Corporate companies are investing in this area because there are not many highly trained staff in the field. Why is Access Management important? What does investing in this field bring to the companies? Users want to have quick access to applications. However, cybercriminals are aware of this. If there is no regular system based on procedures, cyber criminals can easily hunt users they see as weak links. A company with a problem in access management can have problems first with money loss, respectability and loss of reputation, with local law enforcement and even with international law enforcement. For example; despite the fact that there is a gap in the systems of a local bank in Turkey, the final result is that the cyber criminals have transferred over 4 million dollars to different accounts over the bank (Swift). The gap in the system was that the orphan accounts were not checked regularly. If re-certification checks had been done, if 90-180 days of control were brought over to Active Directory there would be no problem. Simple measures protect us and the company we work with. The biggest problem I see in the Access Management area is that the users look at the innovations and procedures with a chore. For example; a system administrator should never act without a ticket. However, users are putting pressure on admins using their company positions or the managers they know as a printing tool. If the admin does not follow standard procedures, it will be problematic in terms of audit and security. It is very important to raise awareness within the organization in order to prevent these situations. In this area, I will write all the problems with Access management that I see.

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