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How HR Fits in Cyber Security

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By: themindandbeauty

May 31, 2017

Just because most of us work in the cyber security industry and have to abide by other security rules doesn't mean we are immune from HR violations. We must conform to our company's or organization's HR rules or we could risk being terminated. Human Resources does not just deal with sexual harassment, it deals with much more that you might not be aware of. Let's dive in!There are chief duties that the human resource department does; those duties include hiring good employees and training them, evaluating and compensating the elder employees besides, handling professional and personal problems that those employees may face when working. The department monitors the work practices and their effect on the workplace and performance in particular.

In our current world, the department deals with those matters related to employees such as practices and functions, and strategies and operations.  Besides, the relationships between them, the main aim is strengthening the sense of satisfaction of the employees and that, in turn, is a source of achieving success to the organisation as a whole because that enhances the morale of those employees who find that the organization provides all types of assistance to them so they will do their best to meet the objectives of their organisation.

When outlining the human resource objectives, we should mention those important points:
  1. To build the appropriate structure and maintain the preferable relationships between the employees seeking for matching the goals of those employees with the objectivities of their organization.
  2. To provide the employees equal opportunities to develop their skills and grow within the organization by offering training courses to them meeting their needs and developing their abilities to express themselves and their suggestions.
  3. To improve the workplace conditions and establish a desirable atmosphere considering the employees and their conditions, in addition to offering salaries and wages suitable for their efforts and work hours
  4. To care for the social and economic changes in the state trying to provide solutions for unemployment and inequality.
  5. To make interest in society allowing women to participate effectively by helping them prove their competencies.
 When outlining the main objectives of the recruitment process in an organization, we should shed light on its definition. It is the process of identifying what an organization needs to hire certain employees to fill certain fields of work. Its main objective is hiring the best-qualified employees who have the appropriate skills that the organization needs to sustain its success and achieve its goals. In general, the main objectives of recruitment are:
  1. To attract those employees who have the desired skills that suit the present and future plans of an organization by developing an effective culture which encourages competition among the employees.
  2. To design the entry salaries considering quality.
  3. To anticipate the new positions within the organization and find the employees who can take those positions in the future
  4. To search for talents globally by seeking for remarkable and exceptional talents fitting the values of the organization
Searching for talents is the core mission for human resources so, training and development are associated together to achieve that mission.  Training and development are two concepts used as a means of providing the employees with the required knowledge and competencies required for them to make their duties; however, training is provided for new and experienced employees to meet the changeable needs of their organisation and to be effective when doing their jobs while development programmes are provided to help employees ensure their higher level responsibilities. 
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