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HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

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By: allisee7154

September 28, 2018

Before I start, please let me say that I am not a Master of any of the above languages. I am still a neophyte in my quest to become prolific, as well as articulate in conveying the power of these 3 computer languages.At a very young age, I have always been excited about computers. The way they work, how they're built, and how they store, compile and execute data in a matter of seconds. Somewhere in Junior High School, we learned about the binary system. 1 means ON, and 0 means OFF. With a dynamic expression of this system, we were able to display a numerical value on our computer screen. Needless to say, I was in love but didn't marry into the logic of the operation.After working in the Accounting/Finance World for over 20 years, I found myself wanting to get back to the Computer Universe. This is when I found out the power of web page developing. Coding is one of the most fun-filled, and sometimes the most complex field of study. It takes a special amount of dedication, as well as patience in learning. When one learns to harness the power of HTML and CSS, you will be able to produce some beautiful websites. The complex part of that is learning the syntax of that language or code. A language, which is a method of human communication spoken or written consist of special words that give the computer special instructions in your designing your web page. I was taught that " if you don't know the language, then you can't walk the land."HTML gives the infrastructure of your web page. CSS gives you the design. And JavaScript makes your web page interactive. To be able to use a certain font class, colors, videos, pictures on a web page was inspirational to me. Then to be able to style your page to your liking was even better. Although, HTML and CSS is the front-end to any web page, and are not considered computer languages, without the power of your web browser, all that HTML and CSS is just a 'text file'. Now JavaScript which is considered a computer language is something I cannot elaborate on, as this is a subject that I am undertaking as of now.Thank you for indulging me.Always Married to 1 & 0's,Miles Armstead
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