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How To Open an OST File In MS Outlook 2016

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By: jamiekaler

June 11, 2018

An OST file is an important necessity when working with an MS® Exchange mailbox account, as it helps to provide a replica of the Exchange server account. The OST file is highly helpful in difficult scenarios when there is server downtime or some Exchange crash, or when Exchange is not available because of scheduled tasks. In such cases, you can work seamlessly with the mailbox and OST file, and the modifications that you make will be merged with the server account when the server comes back online. However, entrepreneurs would rather have simple solutions to open OST files in MS Outlook 2016.

If you switch computers and you need to access the OST file data on a different PC, then copying and pasting the file fails to work if only PST files can be viewed. Thus, the best way to move OST files between different PCs is by shifting to PST file format. In addition to this, having to extract data from a damaged OST file is one of the other factors creating a need for converting OST files into PST format.

Methods for Migrating OST to PST

·   Import-Export Wizard Feature - Combination of Manual and Automated Steps: Outlook comes with a built-in utility such as the ‘Import/Export’ feature, which aims to migrate OST to PST. The benefit of using this facility is that it has the capability to convert OST into CSV and Excel formats too. The platform consists of automated conversion and partial manual conversion. But at times, it is very complicated to use, especially if you do not have much technical knowledge. A small mistake while performing the steps may lead to loss of data completely.

·      Drag and Drop Method - Slow and Steady: This is a conventional method for data migration from OST to PST. It moves data completely by dragging. The resultant file will be a new PST file. In order to use this method, first ensure that a new blank PST file in MS Outlook is created, and then drag the desired items from OST into PST. This method is workable but very slow. Through this method, you can migrate only individual items from one end to another.

·      Third-Party Software Application - Most Transparent and Best to Use: The safest of all the ways for converting data from OST into PST format is none other than a third-party application. This kind of known tool aims at converting data such as emails, contacts, calendars, and to do lists into PST format. With such a suggested application tool, you can overcome migration hurdles, such as high time consumption, severe technicalities, and lots more. Though these types of commercial applications are paid conversion solutions, they aim at rectifying all sorts of hurdles for the person who does not have enough technical expertise.

How to Open OST Files in MS Outlook 2016 using an OST to PST Converter

If you have opted for an OST to PST converter, then there is hardly any need for moving to any other software. It can help you save multiple OST files in PST format. After converting, you can easily open these PST files within MS Outlook 2016 or any other version of MS Outlook.

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