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How To Export Lotus Notes Domino To PST Format

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By: virat8586

May 23, 2018

Domino is basically an IBM server application which runs on Lotus Notes Server and is widely used by numerous user groups and business professionals. It allows users to add structural and other types of data components to the database and share their email with any application.

DXL is a file format that is used extensively by IBM Domino Server. This DXL files basically maintains the structural format of all your database components. With Domino being one of the most popular software applications, many users need to export IBM Lotus Notes Domino to the Outlook email application, or DXL to PST.

The Main Reasons to Export Lotus Notes DXL Domino To PST Format:

  • Microsoft Outlook is equipped with amazing features compared to Domino. Even if you have only a little technical knowledge, you can use this application efficiently without any help.
  • Another key reason for migrating from Domino DXL to MS Outlook is that Outlook requires fewer maintenance charges than Domino Server.

How to Convert Domino to PST

These days, the software market is packed with numerous DXL to PST conversion tools. These converters are some of the most innovative and reliable software applications. They provide an effective solution to export Lotus Domino XML file data such as views, designs, schemas, and forms to MS Outlook. 

However, there is one issue with all these converters: they are mostly paid tools. I've tried and searched but couldn’t find any free tool or freeware which can convert the files effectively.

Hence, if you are okay with spending money, then you may want to go for a good tool to export your files. Otherwise, you should try your luck with manual procedures. Unfortunately, there are some limitations for manual procedures. One limitation is that they are not that effective in converting all your files into the desired format.

So most of the time, I always suggest to my readers that they go for a good DXL to PST converter.

One tool that I can suggest is this Domino to Outlook Converter.

Steps for Conversion

If you want to go with the free manual method, then follow the steps given below to convert Domino files into PST format.

Step 1: Run the DXL to PST converter application setup; it will automatically load all your DXL files.

Step 2: Click Open. This software will provide you with the option to choose the desired files you want to migrate.

Step 3: After choosing the files, click OK on the preview option to see the files.

Step 4: Once the task gets completed, click OK.

Step 5: Wait for a few minutes while the process of conversion is going on. When it gets completed, click on the Finish button.

For a more detailed guide, you may check out this article as well: How to convert DXL files into PST format of Outlook?


Many times while applying the manual approach, the user gets tired of dealing with so much data. However, there are many alternative third-party tools available on the market. With these tools, you can effortlessly install the software and solve this issue.

The blog explains some of the key features of IBM Lotus Notes and MS Outlook, which is the probable reason why many users want to shift from Domino to PST.

So check the technique and tool to learn more about how to use it.
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