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How to Convert Multiple Emails to PDF Format from Outlook with Advanced Procedure

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By: charlesskadams

July 2, 2018

It is a fact that the changing of emailing apps is a very tough process for commercial and home users. Although frequently, it is needed for commercial users, sometimes, it becomes a necessary task for home users. But the major problem is deciding how to export Outlook folders to PDF or how to convert multiple emails to PDF format at once. This is because this process becomes a difficult task for users when they are unable to find an exact solution to meet this need. Since there are several products available in the market,  making the decision to choose the best solution is what users find difficult. This blog helps to solve the issue with multiple solutions that can assist in finding the exact solution for that.

Importance and Requirements of Outlook and PDF

We have known that Outlook is an email client, while PDF is a standard document format; both are useful. Outlook helps to manage and share data, and PDFs also store information; but field-wise, both are different from each other. Both are in demand for commercial and other purposes, but PDF is a universal file format that is used for government and commercial purposes. So, there might be a possibility that users would like to change Outlook emails to PDF format. Some users want to save Outlook emails as PDFs with attachments, and some users want to save Outlook files in PDF format without attachments. To overcome this circumstance, follow the given procedure for a complete solution to convert Outlook emails to PDF format.

Manual Method

The manual method to convert Outlook emails to PDF format is given in the following steps:

  • Open Microsoft and select any email that you want to convert to PDF format.
  • Then go to the File Menu option.
  • Now, save the email in .html format at any location.
  • Now, navigate to the saved .html file and open it with MS Word.
  • After that, go to the Save as option through the file menu and choose .pdf file format from the saving options and save as the opened MS Word file in PDF format.

Thus, you can get Outlook emails one by one in PDF format, but this process has some drawbacks, i.e., it cannot save your attachments. Since it only allows saving one email at a time, it wastes your time in a one-by-one process. There may be a possibility of losing some data also.

Alternative Solution

To export Outlook folders to PDF format or convert multiple emails to PDF format, the Outlook to PDF converter helps to quickly, simply, and effectively carry out these processes. The app helps to convert Outlook folders to PDF format at once by Batch Mode, which will easily convert all emails from Outlook to PDF format at once and save you time from individual processing. The app is a simple solution, so any non-technical user can also easily handle it and get all Outlook emails to PDF. It provides two options for saving attachments. The first is saving Outlook emails to PDF with embedded attachments, and the second is saving Outlook emails to PDF, with the attachments saved in a separate folder. So, choose either option according to your desire and conversion requirements.

The converter tool supports all Outlook editions – 2016, 2013, 2010, etc. It supports a very simple conversion process to convert multiple emails to PDF format from Microsoft Outlook. Any user who wants to take a trial can use its free demo facility that will help them understand the complete process of converting Outlook emails to PDF format; the demo allows the conversion of 20 emails from Outlook to PDF format without any cost. Download the free Outlook to PDF converter demo and clear all your doubts about how to convert multiple emails to PDF format from Outlook.


Follow either method and resolve your questions about how to export Outlook folders to PDF format. Read more at >>

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