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By: Rude Jonson
June 20, 2018

How to Break PST File Passwords or Unlock PST Files

By: Rude Jonson
June 20, 2018
Rude Jonsons profile image
By: Rude Jonson
June 20, 2018
MS Outlook is the world’s largest email client server to operate the Exchange server emails that help to run a business without difficulties. Everyone wants a fully secure data file that can’t be accessed by any third party without permission. To secure the file, they apply password protection to it.In the case of PST files, a PST file is a very important file for a mail client user, so it must be password-protected. But when we forget the password, it becomes useless and inaccessible. To avoid this situation, the user should use one of these methods to break the password of a PST file to access the PST file:
  1. Manual Method
  2. MS Outlook Method
  3. Third-Party Software Method

Method 1: Manual

A user can break a password manually and unlock the file, but this method is lengthy and tough. This method works only in MS Outlook 2002 and earlier editions. Here, I am going to provide the procedure to break the password of a PST file.
  1. Firstly, close MS Outlook.
  2. Run “scanpst.exe” and choose Repair.
  3. Open the command prompt (Press Window key + R key and type CMD) and type or paste the path to                  pst19upg and your PST file name.
  4. Copy the PST file path in the Command prompt.
  5. This will create a duplicate copy of the PST file named yourfilename.psx. Note: yourfilename.psx name must be the same as the original PST file name.
  6. After completing the process, rename the original file name as the old PST file.
  7. Open the Command prompt and type pst19upg.exe-newfilename.psx and press Enter.
  8. This process creates a password-free PST file from the Outlook Data File.
  9. Run Scanpst.exe and repair the new file.
  10. Open MS Outlook and check the new password-free PST file.

Method 2: MS Outlook

  1. Open MS Outlook.
  2. Click on the Tool tab.
  3. Click on Account Settings.
  4. From the open dialog box, click on Data File.
  5. Select the PST file for which you want to break the password.
  6. Click on setting.
  7. In the open dialog box, click on change password.
  8. Fill the fields. Note: No need to fill the old password field.
  9. A dialog box will appear with confirmation of the password change.

Method 3: Third-Party Software

Here, I am going to explain how to use the best PST Password Remover software named MailsDaddy PST Password Remover.
  1. Download the software from the given link.
  2. Install the software.
  3. Run it.
  4. Open MailsDaddy PST Password Remover software.
  5. Click on the Browse button.
  6. Select the desired password-protected PST file for which you need to remove the password.
  7. Click on the select destination button to save the PST file.
  8. Click on the Remove button to remove the pre-applied password, which you have already forgotten.
  9. A dialog box with confirmation of password removal will open.
  10. Press OK and access your password-free PST file.
Note: With this software, you can also protect an unsecured PST file by applying a password to it. For this, you should follow these simple steps:
  1. Open your MailsDaddy software.
  2. Click on the browse button to select the password-protected PST file.
  3. Click on the Select Destination button to save the password-protected PST file.
  4. Click on the Reset Password button to change the password.
  5. Fill the new password and confirm the password field.
  6. A confirmation dialog box will open after resetting the password successfully.
  7. Press OK and access your password-protected PST file.

System Specifications:

  • Processor: 2.4Gz Processor.
  • RAM: 1GB RAM.
  • Disk Space: 34 MB
  • Outlook Support: MS Outlook 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and later versions
  • Operating system: Windows 10, 8, 7, 2003, 2000, XP, and Vista


In this article, I explained how to break PST file passwords and unlock PST files. Using these methods, the user can change a PST file password or remove it and also reset the password of an Outlook data file. The third-party software, MailsDaddy PST Password Remover, is the best method to use because it is simple, trustworthy, and time-saving software. It is also available in a demo version that has some restrictions. To download this software, please visit https://www.mailsdaddy.com/pst-password-remover/.
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