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How Online Face Recognition - Ensures High-end Security and Convenience

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By: Gabriel Luke

December 18, 2019

Biometrics are becoming a cutting edge technology in the field of information security and data privacy. Biometrics entertain identification against unique human features. Biometrics being an emerging technology comes up with convenience identity recognition by replacing traditional passwords authentication with advanced identification systems.

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Biometric Security System1 are not only limited to fingerprint scanning today, but it has also spread its wings to facial recognition, iris/retina scanning, voice recognition, walking pattern, keystrokes identification, palm geometry scanning, etc. Both behavioural and physiological traits are identified to differentiate between individuals. The biometric technology is leveraged in various industries and sectors as per security needs. Every day, people in different corners of the world are utilising this technology is some form. For example, fingerprints and facial recognition software are used to unlock smartphones and login to applications and online accounts. Also, in social media networking platforms, facial recognition technology is used to tag photos of friends that are enabled by algorithms for face identification.

Biometrics Becoming Part of Industries

Multiple industries that are prone to cyberattacks, data breaches, identity theft or in short unauthorised access to confidential information of the company and consumers, are highly fascinated by the security shield of biometrics put into systems. Online businesses have integrated biometrics security systems to verify each on boarding identity in order to allow authorised access over confidential data. From the governmental level to businesses and hospitals to the education sector, and digital payment systems, all industries are taking in a place convenient security methods to deter the risks associated to their niche. From employee IDs verification and government-issued identity verification, a step ahead leads to biometric identification in real-time. Digital security systems such as facial recognition are most adaptable because of their high potential and convenient security checks. In real-time, facial features are captured. Influenced by the improved user experience as well as security power, industries are introducing biometric authentication to secure their confidential information over the network cloud.

Replacing Tradition Security Systems

Facial recognition systems in biometric technology are compelling online businesses who used to secure systems with the help of passwords and PINs to switch towards modern verification solutions. Instead of the overhead of remembering passwords and PINs that keep aligned as per security demands, the digital era is shifting towards biometric authentication. Users just need to capture the real-time face in the software and can verify identity within seconds. This convenient method of verification is praised by customers that lets businesses integrate biometric authentication in the form of facial recognition. Facial recognition technology captures facial features and performs liveness detection to ensure the physical presence of the customer at time of verification. This information is verified by the previously stored information in the database at the time of registration.

Facial Recognition Technology Protecting Against Threats

Fraudsters roaming in the network are always looking for opportunities by exploiting the weaknesses in online systems. Most of the fraudulent activities are initiated as the result of unauthorised access to confidential information. This information sometimes refers to the personal data of customers and their financial information. Online frauds, for instance, credit card frauds take place when scammers hack the credentials of some users and steal all the confidential information from there. Credit card information is used to buy goods online or to make fraudulent attractions.

Facial Recognition online provides the first line of defend against unauthorised entities that violate the legitimacy of online systems through malevolent intentions. Real-time verification takes no more than a few seconds, hence provides an improved online user experience as well as security of accounts simultaneously.

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