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How Can I Become a H@cker?

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By: usman47

December 11, 2015

open-book-pages-cybraryHacking is vast field. It involves a lot of learning , patience and practice. Everyone here wants to become a L33T H@cker, but how? That's a multi-million dollar question and everyone's been asking about it.So, I'll give you guys some info about How To Become A Hacker (an Ethical Hacker, specifically). Let's get started.... 1. Qualities:If you want to become a Hacker, you should possess most of these qualities. If you don't have them, then try to develop them in yourself. If you cant', then this game isn't for you.*- Must be Hard Working*- Always be Ready to Learn Something New*- Don't Look for Shortcuts*- Have a lot of Patience 2. Start Learning - From Basic to Advanced Levels:No one is a born genius. If you don't know about the basics, don't feel ashamed. Start learning from scratch and move up the stairs - one by one. Remember, if your base is strong you can build a sky scraper on it.What are the things that you should learn first? That's a tricky question, but you can start by learning everything about commonly used OS's like Windows, Linux etc. Learn how computers work, how the Internet works, how computers communicate, etc. You should also have knowledge of some commonly used programming languages (I recommend Python) so you can write your own programs.Where can you get all this information? The Internet is loaded with this kind of knowledge. There are a lot of books and videos available, which can provide a huge bank of knowledge. Here on Cybrary, there are a lot of nice courses available that can teach you a lot of things. 3. Communicate with the People Of the Hacker Community:Talking with the people of the Hacker community can also teach you a lot. Where can you find them? There are a lot of forums like etc. Read what they share and keep on learning from them. Ask logical questions instead of unfocused ones and they'll surely help you out. Remember the Hackers' rule "Knowledge Should Be Free & Should Be Available For Everyone."  So, learn and teach. This will earn you respect in the community. 4. Learn How Stuff Works and Then Break it Yourself:As I've mentioned above, learn everything about different stuff in IT. Learn how something is developed, try to make it yourself and then break it to see whats inside. This will teach you a lot of things, which will definitely help. 5. Practice, Practice and More Practice: Have you learned how to do something? Just practice to check how it's done and to get more knowledge. You can use a Virtual Lab or a Hacking Practicing website like, which lets you practice very easily. Remember that practical knowledge is necessary with the theory. When you keep on practicing, you'll discover new things and this will polish your skills. 6. Never,Ever Quit:Don't even think of a quitting. At the start, Hacking might seen a little difficult. But, with the passage of time, you'll start enjoying it. Keep on learning new stuff. If you had a day without learning something new, it's wasted day. Keep working hard.I hope that this article will be helpful for everyone. For any support , suggestions & questions, you guys can mail me at "" or visit my website Written By Malik Usman Aura
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