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Hiren's Bootable CD/USB: A Toolkit with Freeware and Shareware

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By: Phr33fall

March 14, 2016

Hiren's Bootable CD/USB: A Toolkit with Freeware and Shareware - CybraryHello fellow Cybrary members!I joined Cybrary in 2015 and have been really impressed by both the content in the courses section and content shared by other members. This left me feeling somewhat compelled to share what I have learned about the Hiren's Boot CD.Now, I must stress that I am no IT genius. I am self taught and started from the basics (CompTIA A+) in order to get a full understanding. Since I started the CompTIA A+ on Cybrary, I got a few desktop and laptops from the local recycling center to play with (I didn't fancy taking my MacBook apart). This has lead to me doing low level IT repairs in my local area - all of which have been very successful, largely thanks to Hiren's Boot CD. I'd say it helps me resolve about 80% of repairs. What is Hiren's Boot CD? It's basically a bootable CD/USB with a plethora of tools that are freeware/shareware. Hiren's Boot CD has a Bootable Windows Mini XP, which boots into your RAM and presents a GUI to launch all the tools, such as:
  • Anti Virus
  • Windows Password Recovery (Clear the Windows password!)
  • Disk Cloning Tools (Inc Clonezilla, Ghost etc)
  • Hard Drive Deletion/Hard Drive Health Checks
  • System Tweaking Tools
 There's really a whole bunch of useful tools on here. If you've never never heard of it, I seriously recommend checking it out. I actually carry the USB around with me because it's so useful. When you create the CD/USB there is a readme file with all the software included. Check out Hiren's Official Page. Let me know what you think B-)Phill.
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