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Hide Your IP Using the Zenmate Chrome Extension

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By: Ahmed Elessawy

July 12, 2016

play-with-the-light-cybraryAn IP (Internet Protocol) address allows your computer to connect with others over the internet. The IP address allows the web to find your device amongst the billions of others connected to it.Of course, this also means that attackers can track what you’re doing online. If someone can see your IP address, they can watch and log your internet activity and see exactly what you’re up to.You can easily find your IP address by simply Googling “IP address.” It’ll show you yours.By hiding your IP address, you’re making it harder to people to track you online. Also, it's important if you'd like to access some websites and services that aren't available in your country. Your hidden IP helps prevent websites from logging your visits.Most importantly, though, hiding your IP address hides your physical location, stops you from being tracked online and brings the anonymity back to browsing the internet.
Today, we're going to see the easy installation of Zenmate extension to Google Chrome:1- Check your IP address location at Install the Zenmate extension at the following link: Change your location at Zenmate extension after signing up and completing the registration. That's it! Hope this was helpful.
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