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How to Hide Your IP Address (Change IP Address)

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By: Genius

June 29, 2016

How to Hide Your IP Address (Change IP Address) - CybraryChanging or hiding your IP address is one of the biggest concerns of all hackers. The IP Address can reveal your identity; it's your online address.If anyone can find your actual online address (IP Address), tracing it back to you wouldn't be that difficult. Thus, it's very important to hide or change your IP address before doing any kind of hacking attack or even thinking of doing one.After getting hundreds of requests on a tutorial on how to hide your IP address, I'm writing this overview on how to hide or change your IP address.
Let's begin...We're using the proxy service called PRO VPN from Hide My Ass. What’s that? Let me explain in detail.We all know about proxy servers. They help us to hide our IP address or change the IP address, but there are many things you guys might not know:
  1. Free proxies are not completely anonymous: your IP can be disclosed by the website owner to the authorities, if needed.
  2. Companies limit the maximum speed of browsing in free proxies: if your internet speed is 8 Mbps, using free proxies, you can browse internet with a speed of only 265 Kbps. This is irritating, isn’t it?
  3. Many Webmasters can block users accessing free proxies.
There are different type of proxies. I wanted a reliable and elite proxy, which could help me completely hide my online identity. What else could I do instead of changing my IP address every minute?I looked for many solutions online and found PRO VPN from Hide My Ass. To be very honest, in the beginning, I was a bit confused when I saw the software. I wasn't sure if it would work the way I wanted, but then I gave it a try. I tried it for a month and it helped me secure my online identity.Here are benefits I got after using the PRO VPN from Hide My Ass:
  1. Superfast, high speed elite/anonymous proxies. Elite proxies are 100 times more secure than free proxies.
  2. I could select the countries' for whom I wanted IP addresses with just one click. It offers over 38000+ unique IP Address from 53 different countries.
  3. I can set the timer to automatically change the IP Address. This way, my IP Address gets changed every minute without me bothering to do so. If I'm implementing a hacking attack, no one could actually find my actual IP Address, so I am always on the safe side.
  4. It anonymously encrypts all the traffic and works with all kind of platforms. Unlike free proxies, the PRO VPN of Hide My Ass is not blocked by the websites. The traffic seems to be from legitimate human users, not proxies. No one can catch you using them.
 Thanks for reading!
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