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Hermes 2.0 Ransomware

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By: Maundrey Wilton Kock

May 25, 2017

ransomware-folder-lockRansomware viruses have become a popular tool used by cyber criminals to exploit their victims. Once the ransomware virus finds its way into your computer it encrypts all the data on the PC, and if you want your data decrypted you are required to pay a certain amount of money via Bitcoin.Cyber criminals have now moved their focus to countries that are more vulnerable to ransomware attacks, like South Africa. Large corporations as well as individuals in South Africa experienced attacks and had to pay up big amounts of money.  One can only imagine the large revenues lost when large businesses can't proceed with its usual operations due to important files that are locked by this virus. On the other hand, developing countries need to invest time in creating awareness and train their staff members in Cyber-security, because more of these attacks will certainly follow.I am currently a victim of the HERMES 2.0 RANSOMWARE and tried everything I could to get my files unlocked, but nothing worked thus far. It's so devastating because valuable files are encrypted, like my wedding pictures, the day when my first boy was born and all other pictures that holds valuable memories and that are irreplaceable.Since the attack, I became aware how vulnerable I am and my lack of knowledge in cyber security, so I joined Cybrary in my pursuit of knowledge and skills in cyber security.Although I studied Medical BioSciences, I always had an interest in computer technology and even did an additional computer science module at University to test my aptitude for it.Since the attack, I developed a more serious interest in I.T and Cybersecurity and decided to enroll for an MBA in Information Technology this month, and I'm currently preparing for my CompTIA A+ certification with the help of Cybrary. As many of you might know I still have a long way to go, but in the meantime, if anyone can help me to find a way to unlock my files, I would be unbelievably grateful and would help others who are in the same situation.Maundrey Wilton Kock
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