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Hardware Trojans

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By: vishisht13

July 21, 2016

Hardware Trojans - CybraryHey friends,Everyone's familiar with software Trojans, but have you ever heard of hardware Trojans? This article is gonna give you some basic ideas. You can also research the topic further using some keywords I'll provide.Let's start with a fun fact: the term TROJAN HORSE comes from the Ancient Greek story of the wooden horse that was used to help Greek troops invade the city of Troy stealthfully. Everyone knows about the city of Troy, right?A hardware Trojan is basically defined as a malicious modification of the circuitry on an integrated circuit. For an instance, let's assume that a brand is offering 5 years warranty on one of its appliances. Right after completion of those 5 years, the appliance stops working due to some technical failure, This could be a type of hardware Trojan that was triggered after 5 years. As such, the company may not cover the failure inside the warranty.The example above was a type of hardware Trojan. Backdoors may even be seen as hardware Trojans. They may steal your data from your phone and transfer it without you even knowing. Anything and everything from your laptop, mobile, microwave, washing machine can be compromised. And, with Internet of Things(IoT) on its way, it's becoming more of a concern.A computer chip was compromised in a commercial jet (Boeing 787) because there was a malicious hardware modification in the chip. And, according to a recent report, hackers can transmit your data from your computer through your CPU fan speed. They control the speed and compromise a system.During international weapons trades between two countries, the country manufacturing and selling the weapon may create a hardware Trojan in the weapon and trigger at at the time of war. I use the word "trigger" because, as an cyber enthusiast, you may know that no Trojan, software or hardware, works or functions before its triggered. Trigger simply means an indication or a sign for a Trojan to start functioning.SO, now, let's end this. YOU ARE SECURE ONLY UNTIL SOMEONE BECOMES INTERESTED IN YOU. Because, I believe, there is a key to every lock.
Thank you for spending your 10 minutes on this article. KEEP HACKING AND LEARNING. It's the best thing the worlds has given birth to.
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