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Hacking: What's Real?

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October 9, 2018

In honor of October being Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), I want to make it clear:
No system is secure. It's our duty to make them secure and reliable. We, the Cybersecurity Experts!
BY-PATHANGE BALAJI RAOWe are very much concerned about our money and out data resulting from the time and privacy.We always try to buy anything at a minimum price and have better quality too but fail sometimes doing too.But the CYBER ATTACKS cause a huge damage both in economic and social ways.It's a great concern and needed to be noted by everyone.
  • Do you keep your passwords secret of writing them down and store them on your computer?
  • Do you have a habit of keeping browser windows open on windows that reveal your bank account or credit card numbers?
  • Do you make Digital images of bank or credit card statements and store them in an easy to get a folder on your computer?
  • Do you click on the popups appearing often while browsing?
If u perform any of these then that means that you are in danger and need to be alert. You can get hacked anytime. A hacker never tells you how is he going to do something. We should be well prepared for everything.Skilled hackers could gain access to the following :
  1. Your credit card numbers
  2. Your bank account
  3. Your social security number
When seen at a grassroots level, here is why can an attack can take place:
  1. Due to the vulnerabilities in the system or the software we are using are having bugs or security loopholes.
  2. Is due to the lack of user skills.
To speak frankly we can't stop them completely due to many reasons but still, we can slow them down.**If we see many of the times hackers target new startup companies and developing companies. And many are shut up primarily due to the cyber attacks through malware, trojans, spyware etc. This is mainly due to the thinking of the companies that their company is small and that no one would target them. And this makes these companies concentrate on their security aspects. This is seen as an opportunity by the hackers to hack into their networks and breach their data and do many other things making the company shut down.PRIVACY ISNT ABOUT HIDING SOMETHING. IT'S ABOUT ABLE TO CONTROL HOW WE PRESENT OURSELVES TO THE WORLD. IT'S ABOUT MAINTAINING A PUBLIC FACE WHILE AT THE SAME TIME BEING PERMITTED PRIVATE THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS. IT'S ABOUT PERSONAL DIGNITY. —BRUCE SCHEINER (AMERICAN CRYPTOGRAPHER)*Stealing Passwords and Data If a hacker knows the username to your bank or credit card access, there's not much damage they can do. However, if they also know your password, your accounts could be fully compromised.But still, hackers manage to social engineer to get the credentials. I have a personal experience of this. My father used to have his credentials in his Gmail account. One day he got a call asking for only the credit card number. Because my father has stored his password and not the credit card numbers. Then I viewed his account activity it was showing that the account was accessed from the other two places. But nowadays it has been made still safer by Google by sending a security alert for every new login on different devices.Another problem is that Your computer can be used to attack other computers:It mainly happens in companies having huge internal networks having many PCs on the same network. So better and advanced security measures have to be taken with time.Do you think this is all a hacker can do? You are wrong. Hackers with great hacking abilities are unpredictable they can do anything, anytime, from anywhere without the knowledge of anyone.So it is our utmost responsibility to be alert and always stay prepared.One of the best things a smart user can do is:To hide the IP address:Help yourself and your friends stay safe from online stalkers and hackers.Borrow different IPs to go anywhere and stay hidden.The reasons why you might want to mask your IP address may include:
  1. Hiding your Geographical location
  2. Preventing webtrackign,
  3. avoiding digital footprints
  4. Or to bypass any content filters,bans or blocklisting
There are a few ways of hiding your IP address:
  1. Use a VPN service –Best way:The most recommended VPN services according to me are:Nord VPN, Slick VPN, Cyber Ghost, Express VPN.
  2. Use the TOR browser–slowest choiceTOR is a browser which allows to hide and stay safe. But it is not much recommended.
  3. Use a Proxy Server–Riskiest method:I describe it as the riskiest method as we should select the most genuine web proxy server. As these days no one provides anything for free so we should think before going to take the proxy server. Free proxy Servers may be much more dangerous than others. As everyone is in need of money. They can break your data (credentials) and sell them to earn money.
Another thing is that the proxy server slows down your internet connection. Proxy Servers cannot be legal in some countries as well. Now, what do the experts say?Finally, the most important aspects to remember:
  1. Create complex passwords. Always try using OTPS and 2 step authentication. Use different passwords on different websites. And never reuse main email password.
  2. Use Firewalls.
  3. Click smart: never click anything suspicious. Always doubt everything before agreeing. If you doubt then block. Ignore pop-ups. Never click a link that you did not expect to receive.
  4. Be a selective sharer of Personal data and Login credentials.
  5. Keep up updates up to date so as to prevent bugs and other attacks.
  6. Look out for latest scams and keep up your knowledge about it as hackers also tend to get their knowledge advanced day by day.
  7. Keep up guarding your data- backup your data regularly.
  8. Use antivirus for basic protection. But they still can't detect many attacks. So it is highly mandatory to follow other things specified by me as well.
  9. If you have lost your device try “WIPE YOUR PHONE” if u have this feature.
  10. Only shop on secured and authorized websites. As you need to use bank credentials there.
  11. Note if the payment gateway is genuine or not. And also check whether it is “https”.

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